How to Select the Right Hair Straightener Machine

A top-quality hair straightener has the ability to last for several years without losing its sole purpose of not only straightening your hair, but also maintaining their quality and natural shine. Therefore, it’s worth the time and effort to select the right machine for suiting your hair type.

A flat iron rod, commonly known as a hair straightener, is more than a machine used to straighten your hair with shiny locks. But a machine with versatile uses including hair curling, increase volume, etc.

A great straighter, for instance SRI dry pro, is a worth investment you won’t be looking throw after every wedding, corporate gathering, or social event.

This is why you need to know the following tips before purchasing the right hair straightener.

Select the right shape

As the name suggests, a flat iron is flat, but its actual uses extend to other means as well. If the machine’s plates and outer edges are slightly round in shape, you can transform the tool into a curling rod. While a flat iron with sharp edges is less versatile but can still straighten your hair considerably.

See the plate width

The wider the plates, the quicker to straighten your hair. But if you’re about go on a trip or commute regularly, then a rod with slightly narrow plates can easily fit in your bag. Women with thin, or somewhat fine hair, can risk damaging their hair shafts as the wide plates tend to generate too much heat.

Choose the best plates

Do note that a straightener’s plates are made up by different metals and substances. Hence, there is no one answer to the right plate, it all depends on your hair type. Here are some common types of blades used.

  • Titanium irons tend to quickly heat up and put high temperatures with uniform distribution. Note that these rods come expensive, and should only be bought for someone with extremely curly hair.
  • Ceramic plates provide the best output with a combination of both performance and value. These rods provide heat for almost all hair textures; however, some straighteners are only ceramic coated. And with time, the ceramic wears out leaving only iron and makes it difficult for the user to distribute heat evenly throughout or even stop working completely.
  • Tourmaline rods are best for damaged hair. Also known as ionic rods, the rods produce more negative ions while limiting frizz and seals the hair shafts.

Consider the temperature

We know that the higher the temperature, the best hair straightening results in sight. But not hair types are suited for hot irons. This is why you need to purchase a hair straightener with adjustable heat settings, which will allow you to use the temperature best fit for your hair type without displaying any risk of damage or ever heating.

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