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How to resolve common issues of Roadrunner Email?

Roadrunner Email

Roadrunner is a popular emailing service which is used for personal as well as for professional use. Roadrunner email provides various additional options like message sorting, good security, online address book, good storage etc. But still, there are various issues which you may face while using Roadrunner email. Roadrunner email problems can appear due to various reasons like weak internet connection, browser not supporting, conflicting files etc. Most of the Roadrunner errors can be fixed manually. If you are unable to fix the error with manual steps then you can also ask the Roadrunner tech team for help.


Common issues in Roadrunner email:

  1. Unable to set Roadrunner on Android device
  2. POP and IMAP are not properly configured
  3. You are getting issues in sending and receiving emails
  4. Unable to block recipients
  5. Unable to send and receive attachments

Along with that, you may get into various other issues from time to time.          


Setting Roadrunner email on Android

You can also use your Roadrunner email on an Android device. Roadrunner also allows you to sync with Gmail which means you can set your Gmail account and then connect your Roadrunner account with it. If you want to use Roadrunner email address alone then you have to follow the given steps:

  1. Open your Android device and navigate to the Email app
  2. Enter your Roadrunner email address
  3. Click on Next button
  4. From the list click on Personal (POP3) option
  5. Hit the Next button
  6. Now enter the Roadrunner password
  7. Hit the Next button

Set the information for Incoming server settings

  1. Username: Enter your email address
  2. Password: Type your Roadrunner email password
  3. Server:
  4. Port: 110
  5. Security Type: None
  6. Hit the Next button

Now provide the details for Outgoing server settings

  1. Server: 
  2. Port: 587
  3. Security Type: None
  4. Require sign-in: Yes
  5. Username: Enter your username
  6. Password: Type your Roadrunner email password

Hit the next button and a name field will appear. Enter your name and press the Next button. After completing these steps, you can easily access your Roadrunner account on your Android device. 


How to reset the Roadrunner password?

Forgetting account passwords is very common. Today people use several accounts and remembering all the passwords is a bit difficult. If you forget the password of your Roadrunner account then you can follow the given steps for resetting the password:

  1. Go to Roadrunner and click on Login
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Click on Forgot my Password option
  4. Now again enter your email address
  5. Enter the two words displayed on the screen
  6. Click on Submit button
  7. Now locate the Cable Modem ID
  8. A text box will appear on the screen
  9. Enter the cable MAC address
  10. Hit the submit button
  11. A security question will appear on your screen
  12. Answer the security question

Now a new window will appear where you can reset your password. 


Issues in sending and receiving emails

If your Roadrunner is seeking issues while sending and receiving emails then check the internet connection. If the internet connection is weak then you have to wait until the connection gets stable. Now again try to send email from your Roadrunner. If you are using a wireless device then place the device near to the internet source (router). You can also get the email sending and receiving error due to wrong ports. Check the POP and SMTP ports on your Roadrunner. Check your firewall because sometimes firewalls block the network and people can’t access the email or attachments. Disable your firewall and then try to send an email or attachment. In case you are unable to fix the error then enable the firewall immediately. If you are still facing issues with the Webmail Roadrunner  then ask the Roadrunner technical team for help. 


How to add Roadrunner email to your Outlook?

You can also sync your Roadrunner email account to Outlook. It will help to access both the accounts at one place. You can follow the given steps for adding your Roadrunner email account to Outlook:

  1. Open your Outlook email account
  2. Click on File option
  3. Choose Add Account button
  4. Click on Manually configure server settings option

Now click on the Internet email option and then enter your Roadrunner email account. Hit the Next button and now you can easily access your Roadrunner email account with Outlook email. If you are getting any errors related to Roadrunner email then you can ask the Roadrunner technical team for help.

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