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How to Recover Exchange Server data from EDB file?

Recover Exchange Server Data from EDB File


EDB files are of utmost importance for the users of the Exchange Server who have stored data in the EDB files. Inaccessible EDB files due to corruption or any other issue are a big matter of concern and no one wants to face this situation. If for any reason if you are stuck in this situation, you have ways to recover Exchange Server data.

Why EDB Files Get Corrupt?

There are several reasons that lead to the corruption of EDN files and become the reason behind the inaccessibility of the EDB files. Some of them are listed below:

  • Server failure is a common reason. It may lead to the system, hardware, and network issue.
  • Accidental/Force Shutdown.
  • Oversized data file.
  • An anti-virus program can also be a reason behind the EDB file corruption.
  • Hardware issues like overheating and motherboard failure can also lead to damage to the hard drive sector where file store.

Ways to Recover Exchange Server Data from EDB File:

To recover EDB files, we have two methodologies: Manual way and Professional Third-Party Tool. Manual ways like Eseutil Switches and Isinteg utility are also available but these are not proficient processing. To Eseutil is an in-built tool and comes handy only when to solve the minor problems of EDB files. Isinteg is useful only when to solve errors in the application public folder and mailbox application. These manual ways are just to aid help but not capable of recovering Exchange Server data from the EDB file. Also, other drawbacks and limitations are associated with manual ways.

For the complete and effortless recovery of EDB files, a professional third-party tool is a must. Shoviv Exchange EDB Recovery Tool is a mastered tool to recover EDB files. Let’s know about Shoviv Exchange EDB Recovery Tool.

Features of Shoviv Exchange EDB Recovery Tool:

  • It masterly recovers the deleted, inaccessible, and corrupted EDB files.
  • It allows exporting of the recovered EDB file data into MSG, vCal, vCard, HTML, and EML et cetera file formats.
  • The tool is compatible with all the versions of the Exchange Server and MS Outlook.
  • You can add as many files as you want; no restriction on size.
  • The software facilitates the export of EDB files to Live Exchange Server and Office 365.
  • The software offers user-oriented features like Filter options and Search options to facilitate a great working experience.
  • Shoviv Software properly maintains folder hierarchy and retains the data originality.
  • The software comes with a great user-friendly GUI that offers a simple and straight working.

Wrapping up:

No one wants to lose the data for any reason. EDB files store very important data of users and corruption in EDB files is like a nightmare for the users. To recover data from the corrupted files, a proficient way is a must hence need for a third-party tool rises. Shoviv Exchange EDB Recovery Tool is a mastered utility for the recovery of data from the corrupted EDB files. The software expertly recovers Exchange Server Data from EDB file within a blink of an eye. A free demo version of the software is also available. The use of a free trial version to check the working of the software is always recommended. 24*7 technical support is also available with the Shoviv Exchange EDB Recovery Tool.

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