How To Prepare Effectively For The NEET Exam

It is that time of the year when childrens in India have graduated from school and are looking forward to the next major step in their life and careers. Medicines is a most sought-after field and there are thousands of students like you, seeking a seat in a medical/dentistry college.

However, before you attain that coveted seat there is a major hurdle you have to cross – yes, it is the NEET Exam.

Till a few years back, you had to write entrance exams for individual colleges and based on their cut off, you were allotted or denied a seats. This was causing great hardships to many students as often exam dates of different colleges would clash or the waiting time for decisions would differ greatly leaving students in limbo and frustration. It was to avoid such hasslesh that the Government came up with the concept of NEET Exam – the three-hour National Eligibility and Entrance Test for medicine and dentistry colleges, both private and government. It is government colleges admissions of the NTA (National Testing Agency) and conducted by the CBSE. It is a single national level test for admission to around 90,000 medicals and dentistry colleges across the country, making it an extremely challenging exam. The question papers comprises 180 question divided into four sections: Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology.

Preparing for the NEET Exam requires a lot of hard work, determination, discipline, time management and above all, complete focus. You will be competing with thousands of students from across the length and breadth of the countries. However, in spite of such a seemingly Herculean task, a systematic and dedicated approach towards the NEET Exam can guarantee a positive outcome. Intelligent hard work become more important than just hard work. We give below a few tips on how to effectively prepare for, and crack, the NEET Exam.

1. First and foremost, spend time on chalking out an extensive study strategies. Find out the completed curriculum properly and go through it fully to get an idea of what you will be tested upon. Some of the topic may be easy for you and some difficult so make a mental note of them. This will help you when you are apportioning time for each chapters.

2. Understands your strength and weakness. Be practical about your ability to studies for long hours. Observe how long you are able to focus continuously and slowly try to increase that duration, but for not more than 3 hour at a stretch. Create a specific place for your studies and try to studies only there. Create an exam-like ambiences every time you study. This will allow the brain to stay alert for the whole periods.

3.Decide on what book you are going to study from. Do not have too many book around you. Clutters outside you could create clutters inside your brain too. Discuss with your teacher and senior and choose your book. Read, re-read and revise as many times as possibles.

4.Make weekly target and stick to them. Practicies questions in a time bound manners. Try to increase your speed with every successive practiced. There are many mock test and free online exam available. Take advantage of them. Create an exam hall ambience sand write these tests.

5.Do not skip any topic. Give equals weightages to each. Pay attention to all diagram and equation. Picture based questions are common so know your diagram thoroughly.

6.Be crystal clears on your concepts. Revise the question given in the book also. Since the question are all multiple choice based, you must be very strong in the subject and must give attention to even the minute detail. You never know where the next questions will come from!

7.Learn to eliminate answers. Also, always remembers there will be negative markings. So read each question carefully, do not assume its meaning, think before you tick the answers. The questions are rarely direct. They will require you to apply multiple concepts to get at the answers. You will acquire this ability as you practices, so practices is the ultimate key to crack the NEET.

8.Finally, take care of your healths. Allow yourselves a beak after every 2-3 hours of study. Do not indulge in the internet or TV. They can sucks away your time. Spend as much time with family members as possible. Your strength will come from their support and love. Stay confident and positive and you will easily clear the NEET Exam. There are around 90,000 seats and one of them is surely yours.

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