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How to Pick the Best Pocket Knife

How to Pick the Best Pocket Knife

Picking out the best pocket knife comes down to basically only a few different considerations, due to a caveat that should be presented: there is no such thing as the best pocket knife. Rather, the best knife must be defined individually, and according to the preferences of the user.

This does not mean that there are no objective measures you can use to qualify the merits of a tool. For example, some steels are harder than others, some are more brittle, and some are less resistant to corrosion. Similarly, the locks of some folding knives are harder to engage than others, whereas some are easier to engage but less secure.

There are actual metrics you can use to assess the value of a pocket knife and make a recommendation of one over the other, but these matters are not concrete. The simple fact of the matter is that one user might prefer a lock that is easier to engage, or something like a softer steel that, though it lacks superior edge retention, is easy to sharpen.

Therefore you must default to the preferences of the individual user if you want to come up with the best knife for a given situation. The two main things to consider are the purpose of the knife and the preferences of the person who will be carrying it, which in this case may be you.

As far as use goes, you might want to give some thought to whether or not the pocket knife in question will be a showpiece or a part of a collection, or it will spend most of its time in a tool box. Will it be a knife that you will use to break down boxes, or one that you will take camping? Do you want a spare pocket knife to carry with you in the field while hunting or fishing? These are all questions you must ask to get to the bottom of what the best is for you.

As far as use is concerned, one who wanted to find an EDC knife might look for something like a blade with a thumb stud for one handed opening as well as a frame lock or an axis lock that was quick and easy both to engage and disengage. Someone who was looking for a heavy-duty, high-quality beater knife might look for a drop point blade that would add strength to the tip.

Ultimately, there are too many potential uses for a knife to go over them all here. What remains for you to do is to figure out how you will use the knife and then you can get into your preferences in blade shape, locking mechanism and more.

Are you someone who prefers an assisted opening knife or do you like the classic aesthetics and mechanics of a nail nick? Do you prefer stainless steel blades or high end super steels that might be more suspect to corrosion? Do you prefer aluminum scales or wooden scales, or maybe even synthetics like micarta? These are questions you will have to ask yourself while shopping. Without answering them, you won’t be able to find the best pocket knives for you.

Whatever you finally decide on, in terms of shape, form, feel, function and construction, there’s one thing you can be sure of, and that is that you can find all of these things at White Mountain Knives. Not only does have one of the largest collections of knives and tools, but they offer excellent prices and free shipping on orders in the United States as well.

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