How to Organize Your Kitchen Equipment for Efficient Cooking?

It is written in stone that an organized kitchen is the prerequisite of efficient cooking. It becomes chaotic to work in a disordered kitchen. Even though, we get frustrated to see a messy kitchen but we usually procrastinate the assembling process.

Following Are the Easy Steps to Sort Out Your Kitchen Like a Pro and Enhance Your Cooking Efficacy.

Step No. 1: Reorganize The Cabinets and Drawers

You might have overdosed the cabinets by haphazardly putting everything that goes in. Same is the case with the drawers, it contains all sorts of cutlery like spoons, knives, forks, etc. Bring all the items and material out of cabinets and drawers, designate each cabinet and drawer according to specific task items. Start allotting specific items to the particular cabinet and drawer, hence you will know which item resides where while cooking a particular food.

It usually happens that one day we sort the cabinets and the other day while searching for an item they get disorganized. This is because you wrongly organize the cabinets.

Step No. 2: Categorize The Working Portions

The next important step is defining different areas in which one works. Categorize into the cleaning area, cooking area, baking area, and cutting area. By this, it does not mean that you need a wide space for creating these portions but they can be defined in small kitchens as well. It simply means to organize specific items in specific zones. The cleaning material should never be placed in the cooking zone, the cooking must not have the baking equipment, and vice versa. As such, there is no problem with placing a domestic oven in the cooking area but for the restaurant kitchens, which haveĀ commercial rack ovens, the baking zone must be separate. This technique will solve most of the muddled responses that raise while cooking.

Step No. 3: Trash The Useless Equipment

I bet there must be at least one or two pieces of equipment in your kitchen that have been there for ages but have never been used. These items, though, occupy the space in your kitchen but are completely futile. Take no chance and no minute in discarding them, trust me, this will give you relief.

Step No. 4: Sort Out the Appliances

The appliances that you frequently use, such as a juicer, toaster, blender, or coffee maker, must be at places where you can easily access them. Remember, the least used appliances should never make their space on the kitchen slab or nearby cabinet or rack.

Step No.5: Hang Frequently Used Equipment

If there are hooks, hang the important cutlery, pots, and pans in the cooking zone, that you frequently use while cooking. Also, keep the gloves and apron near the cooking area.

Step No.6: Sort Out the Refrigerator

Another important task to enhance efficiency while cooking is to clean and sort the fridge at least every week. By doing this, you will know what can make it to the menu for the week. It will also help you with easy picking while cooking.

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