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How to Open MBOX Files in Office 365 – Solved Query

Read this article to open MBOX files in Office 365 cloud account with efficient solution

If you are also searching the solution for How to Open MBOX Files in Office 365 query. Then this blog is an accurate platform for you to resolve MBOX to Office 365 migration issue. MBOX supports 28+ Desktop based and webmail clients, so there may be a chance that users have to need to convert MBOX files of any supported mail client into Office 365 perfectly. A few days ago, while surfing the internet, I focused that lots of users had asked queries regarding this topic. A few of them are explained below –

I was using Apple Mail but have switched with Windows OS and had also saved a backup of Apple Mail data as MBOX in the Windows machine but now I need to convert them in Office 365 cloud account. I tried to solve this task manually but couldn’t succeed. Please share with me any available solution, which can convert all my MBOX files into Office 365 with all data details.

I have lots of MBOX files of PocoMail and also need to convert them in Office 365. I had an urgent need to get MBOX files into Office 365 data. Please tell me about the perfect solution which can powerfully transfer MBOX files in Office 365 with no data loss.

If you are also such a user who has the requirement to open MBOX file in Office 365 then read this blog for understanding a complete & effective solution to do this task. We know that MBOX files are supported by 28+ webmail & mail clients – Thunderbird, Mac Mail, PocoMail, Entourage, Eudora, PowerMail, Spicebird, SeaMonkey, Postbox, The Bat, Horde Mail, Gmail, Google Takeout, etc. while Office 365 is a web-supported mail client and it doesn’t recognize the MBOX file extension. O365 also doesn’t have any export or import option for MBOX files. Users can import data to Office 365 in PST file format manually but the manual task is also very lengthy.

How to Open MBOX files in Office 365 Proficiently

If you want to know about how to open MBOX files to Office 365 perfectly, then you can go with PCVARE MBOX Converter to Office 365 solution that is a trustworthy utility and provides direct migration of MBOX files into Office 365. Using the app, you can simply open MBOX files into O365 without any issue. It is a capable solution to perfectly import multiple MBOX files into Office 365 at once. It also transfers MBOX files into other user accounts of the O365 admin account.

So if you need to transfer MBOX files into other user profile of the Office 365 admin account, then don’t panic, Use this smart MBOX Migration Tool. By using only the login details of your O365 cloud account and MBOX files, you can simply transfer all MBOX files into Office 365 at no data loss. To know about how to open MBOX file into O365 with this tool, follow the given steps –

  • Download the app and also launch it on your desktop screen.
  • Select MBOX files by given Add File & Add folder options under the “Select Files/Folder” button.
  • Then the app displays all selected files, you can tick or untick the mailbox for migration into O365. Go to Saving options.
  • Choose Office 365 option and then provide login details of your Office 365 account. You can also choose other desired functions and click on the Connect button.
  • The app starts connecting to the account of the O365 cloud and migration of data.
  • It finishes migration with a successful message. After that, you can also check the result.

Still, have doubt or query then you can also download & convert 25 emails from each selected MBOX files into Office 365 at free of cost, using it you can check its working efficiency and get satisfaction about the MBOX to O365 migration solution.

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