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How to Mine Cryptocurrencies Using a Smartphone – Beginner’s Guide

It has been made possible for the users to mine their own cryptocurrency. People that are obsessed with crypto-business try to find new ways to Earn Bitcoin Android. However, it is not that simple as it looks. It may take several months to earn a fraction of Bitcoin using your smartphone. We do not wish to pop your bubble and sound demotivating. You must be mindful about the challenges and difficulties involved in mining new Bitcoin through an android device. 


Preliminaries for Mining Cryptocurrencies 


Professional miners use high-tech computers with advanced specifications. Advanced GPU, CPU and a RAM with the consequential amount of memory. Miners have to work very hard to mine fractions of cryptocurrencies as the computer needs to process a significant amount of cryptographic data all the time. It depends on the RAM power of the device and the ability of its processor to process such large quantities of data. 


Therefore, expecting to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin using an Android will be a poor choice but that doesn’t mean it is not a good sport. You can do it as a hobby to put good use of your phone’s spare memory. Even if it takes several months to mine a cryptocurrency, it is worth a shot. Mining cryptocurrencies takes a lot of times and requires a lot of energy. Only if your determination is strong and you have enough patience, you must try this sport. 


Many people do not think that it is a lucrative form of business but to some people. It is quite a useful way to earn money. Also, there are some cryptocurrencies like Monero that are easy to mine but still, that doesn’t they could be mined in a couple of days. It is just that cryptocurrencies like Monero are easier than Bitcoin. 


How to Start Mining Cryptocurrencies


To begin the cryptocurrency mining process, first, you will need to download and install the MinerGate App. it is the most recommended and widely chosen cryptocurrency mining app in the world. You will need to create an account in the MinerGate App. You will need to sign up to the app using the credentials such as your username and password. Then you will need to set up a passcode for further authentication and make sure nobody is able to access your account that easily. 


That’s it, you are now ready to mine cryptocurrencies that you wish to mine. The mining speed will depend on the capacity of the device. The mining capacity is measured in Hash Power of the device. The processor of the device should be strong enough to generate maximum hash power. The devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note Series or Galaxy S20 Series generally have 45 -50 H/s. Once you start mining, the app will notify you on the screen about the current speed of your device. 


Cashing the Incomes Afterwards


You will also get the option to allocate the memory of your device to reduce or increase the hash power. Then you will just need to wait for the device to mine. It may take several months for the device to make enough cryptocurrency so that you can withdraw a notable amount of hard cash. However, we would like to warn you that it will take a significant amount of time and energy to mine just a fraction of cryptocurrency using a mobile phone so it is recommended to use a computer instead. 


Make sure, the processor is strong enough to process Gigabytes of data in minutes. Only then you can expect to earn large profits through the mining of cryptocurrencies. A lot of people consider making trade in cryptocurrencies exchanges is much better. Bitfinex is growing a lot of popularity among a lot of investors and traders. “How to Trade on Bitfinex?” is becoming one of the most searched questions on Google. A lot of people also search for the ways to “WKX to Ethereum” methods. 




Mining cryptocurrencies is not simple and you will need to have strong knowledge about the concept of cryptocurrencies too. Without which it won’t be easy to earn large profits from cryptocurrency business. People that have a significant amount of knowledge about blockchain technology, cryptography, computer science and cryptocurrency business make it up to the horizon of success. 


Therefore, it is not advised for rookies to venture into mining cryptocurrencies all of a sudden without having a prior experience of the cryptocurrency business. There are also a few ways to enhance the capacity of mining cryptocurrency. Cloud Mining and Mining Pools are some of the ways to improve the cryptocurrency mining strategy. It requires a group of miners to come together and use their resources collectively to mine cryptocurrencies. 


This makes the process a little faster and everyone can share the gains once you consensually decide to withdraw the earnings. We would advise you to take a small-time blockchain course before getting into the business of mining cryptocurrencies so that you can have 100% conviction about what you are doing and you would be able to validate your every move effectively. 

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