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Computers and Technology

How to Manage a Slow Computer due to McAfee

McAfee antivirus is one of the popular security programs which is known for providing reliable services and advanced protection tools. McAfee antivirus is best known for internet protection as this antivirus offers various top browser security features. McAfee antivirus is available for Windows, macOS, and phone devices. You can also install McAfee on Linux. Once you cancel mcafee auto renewal then you can not easily use this tool on your device. But some of the McAfee users reported that their device starts running slowly after installing McAfee antivirus. 

Like every software, McAfee antivirus also has some system impact. This antivirus requires few resources to work. But McAfee is not a heavy program which means the system impact is low. But if your device is running slowly after installing McAfee antivirus then you should seek solutions. A device running slow issues can occur due to various reasons. 

Check the registry files

Registry files are critical files for your device. But these files get easily corrupted due to malware attack or some changes on your device. If your registry files get corrupted while installing McAfee antivirus then you have to restore the files for troubleshooting your issues. But restoring the registry files manually is a difficult job. If you don’t know the proper guidelines for restoring the registry files then you should ask for technical support. If you know the guidelines then you should create a McAfee backup key before restoring the files. Follow the given steps for restoring the file:

  1. Close all the running programs on your device 
  2. Press the Windows button from the desktop
  3. Type command on the search bar and do not press the Enter button
  4. Hold ctrl and shift keys simultaneously from the keyboard
  5. Now press the Enter button
  6. You will get a permission box on your screen
  7. Click on Yes option
  8. A command screen (black box with blinking cursor) will appear

Type regedit on the black screen and press the Enter button. The Windows registry file will open on your screen. Click on the registry related to McAfee antivirus and hit the export button. Save the file with .reg extension and then save it on your desktop. Now restore the registry files corruption. Restart your device and check whether your device speed issue gets resolved or not.

Remove all the junk from your computer

If your device is running on low free disk space and you install the McAfee antivirus then the free disk space may get filled up. Low disk space is one of the most common reasons for the speed issue. Check the free disk space on your device and then remove all the unnecessary files and junk from your PC. Remove the temporary files from your device. Temporary files accumulate lots of free space and can also conflict with your programs. Type %temp% on the Windows search bar and press the Enter button. Temporary files window will appear on the screen. Select all the temporary files and press the delete button. After removing the temporary files, remove other junk from the PC. You can use the Windows disk cleanup tool for removing the unnecessary files from your device. Follow the given steps for cleaning your Windows device:

  1. Press the Windows button
  2. Type command on the search bar
  3. Hold ctrl and shift keys from the keyboard
  4. Press the enter button
  5. A permission box will appear on your screen
  6. Read the prompt and click on Yes option
  7. Now a black screen with a blinking cursor (command screen) will appear
  8. Type cleanmgr will appear on your command screen

Press the Enter button and the disk cleanup tool of Windows will start checking and calculating all the free disk space on your device. Wait for some time and then you will get a list of all the files and programs you can delete. Check the item boxes you want to delete. Press the OK button. Now restart your device and check the speed of your device. If your device is still running slow then ask McAfee team for help.

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