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Not only the wrapping paper is important when wrapping gifts! A decorative bow also enhances the gift packaging. But just like beautiful wrapping, tying a gift bow is an art in itself. Usually, you don’t know exactly how much ribbon you need for the bow and how best to tie it so that the gift ideas look nice in the end. There are countless ideas for different variations of a gift bow that are very easy to imitate. For example, you could make a cardboard bow instead of tying a gift ribbon. Or you can glue small, colorful pompoms to the ribbon so that the gift immediately catches the eye. But classic gift bows are also welcome: for Valentine’s Day gift is particularly popular to use red ribbon. You can use it to tie decorative bows and decorate the love gift.

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Find a gift ribbon

In addition to the type of bow, the color of the ribbon is an important decision to make. At best, the gift bow matches the wrapping paper, but you should make sure that it stands out from the gift. For example, the colors red and green are suitable for Christmas. For example, if you wrap the gift in green wrapping paper, a red bow stands out from the paper and the combination creates a Christmassy atmosphere. Gift ideas for women can, on the other hand, be made colorful. Of course, it still depends on the preferences of the recipient. The most popular colors here are pink and gold. The latest trend, however, is gift bows in a holographic design, in keeping with the unicorn fever of recent years. Another trend is gift bows in rose gold and wrapping paper in a cool marble design. Especially in combination, the gift looks classy and tasteful.

Most wrapped gifts look very naked without bows, yet they are often left out. This accessory is easy to make and enhances the gift. Thanks to its different variants, it also goes well with any wrapping paper. We have collected our most beautiful favorite ideas with instructions for you so that you can easily imitate them.

Single and double gift bow

Easy to tie gift bow that makes even more impressive with two connected loops

Favorite idea 1: a normal loop

You need:


  • scissors
  • Wire or thin cord
  • Ribbon (width: 4cm)
  • That’s how it works:

Wrap a piece of the gift ribbon around four of your fingers about 4 times. Depending on whether you want a larger or a smaller bow, you can use more or fewer fingers. One end of the loop should be in the loop and the other end on the loop. Place the loop with the outer end down and carefully pull both ends away from it. Wrap the wire or string around the center of the bow and pull it tight with a knot. Now pull the ribbon apart on both loops so that you get four fluffy loops. Optionally, you can add another, smaller version to your loop. To do this, fold the ribbon back into a loop and knot it in the middle with the wire or string. Then tie them in the middle of the large bow.

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Favorite idea 2: a cardboard bow

You need:


  • scissors
  • Glue
  • pencil
  • colored cardboard
  • That’s how it works:

Print out the templates and cut them out. With their help, draw the outlines on the colored cardboard and cut them out as well. Carefully bend the large shape so that the ends can be glued to the center. However, there should be no fold lines. Place the resulting loop on the smaller piece of cardboard and glue the loop with the narrow strip together. The bow is not only easy to make, but it also looks particularly cool on the gift.

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Favorite idea 3: the big bow

You need:


  • wide ribbon (preferably with wire)
  • narrow cord or wire
  • scissors
  • That’s how it works:

Wrap the wide ribbon around four fingers about six times. Then bend the loops once in the middle and cut a small piece of the resulting line on both sides. At this point, tie the narrow cord or wire with a knot. Now you can pull the individual loops apart. Bend them up in a different direction each time, so that a large loop is created like the one in the picture. Then you tie it to the gift ribbon on the gift. This bow unfolds its great effect despite the little work.

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Favorite idea 4: monogram bow

You need:

  • scissors
  • Ribbon
  • duct tape
  • colorful cardboard (also patterned or glittering)
  • That’s how it works:


Cut out any letter from the colored cardboard. You can also print out the letter in the correct size and use it as a template. Depending on the letter, you will then cut holes in the ends of the letter. Thread the ribbon through the holes on the lower side and attach it to the gift with the adhesive tape. Now wrap the gift ribbon around the gift and thread it through the hole of the letter on the upper side. You can now tie a nice bow here. If you want to attach the letter a little looser, you can just pull the ribbon through a hole in the letter. Some letters can also be attached with 3 or 4 holes.

Craft material:

  • Ribbon
  • scissors
  • thin, handy cord or fine wire
  • Craft tool
  • scissors

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How to tie a bow:

  1. Guide the tape between your thumb and forefinger up to the heel of the hand of the leading hand.
  2. Wrap the ribbon around your hand once.
  3. Remove the tape from your fingers and pinch it in the middle.
  4. Place a piece of cord over the middle of the ribbon so that a loop is formed at the top.
  5. Guide the cord ends around the ribbon from bottom to top and thread through the loop.
  6. Fold the resulting part in the middle. This is how you can see whether the cord is actually in the middle: if not, adjust the cord. Then tighten the cord firmly.
  7. Guide the cord to the back and knot it.
  8. Pluck the “ears” of the bow with your fingers.
  9. Cut off the end of the tape. Complete!


Variation: a loop with four ears

If you wrap the ribbon around the hand not once, but twice in step 2,

you get a loop with four “ears”.



If you only wrap the ribbon around two or three fingers instead of the whole hand, you get a smaller bow. If you spread your fingers while wrapping it, it gets bigger.

Similar to the bow with four “ears”, you can of course tie those with even more “ears”.

The ribbon decoration can be further adorned by threading pearls onto the binding cord.

Instead of the binding cord, you can also use a narrow ribbon, which of course should match the rest of the material used. Click here for more information. 

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