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How to maintain the proper environment in a cleanroom

A cleanroom is always restricted and rigorously protected. Since cleanrooms need a specially controlled environment that does not contain germs or contaminators, it needs to be cleaned and maintained in a deferent way.

 Start from the design

If you want to maintain and clean a cleanroom then it is always better to start from the design. Always design a cleaning scheme based on the design and ISO standard of your cleanroom for the ultimate result.

  1.       Check the cleaning process of the furniture

Choose a cleaning routine according to the cleanroom furniture type. The furniture should be cleaned properly according to the proper suggestion. So, skipping the furniture won’t be helpful.

  1.       Proper equipment is necessary

Makes sure to use proper equipment while cleaning a cleanroom. It is a crucial point. Since a cleanroom has a restricted environment, it does not support the regular cleaning equipment. Therefore, you need to use cleanroom complied cleaning equipment.

  1.       Trained cleaning team, is required

For cleanrooms, always make sure to get a trained team of housekeepers who know how to clean the room and furniture. If possible you can also arrange a training program for the cleaning staff team. Common particles like shredded skin portions, cosmetics, perfumes, sebum, hair particle, saliva, cough, sneeze, etc can contaminate the environment inside a cleanroom. Therefore you need to train your housekeeping team to avoid all these things. Make dure your staffs have proper clothing while cleaning the cleanroom. They need to use protective garments like special cleanroom gowns, cleaning jumpsuits, masks, goggles, gloves, hoods, etc to prevent any problem. Additionally, make sure that your cleaning team has the proper knowledge to clean accidental spillage, different machines like autoclave, fume hoods, etc. They also need to have proper information about how to decontaminate themselves before entering the cleanroom.

  1.   Select the proper cleaning products

Cleanrooms need different and specially designed cleaning equipment. Regular cleaners are not suited for cleaning a cleanroom. So, it is better to use a cleanroom safe cleaner that can disinfect and sanitize the cleanroom without posing any threat to the environment of the cleanroom. So, it is better to choose Non-ionic cleaners that are neutral and are not harsh. These cleaners should not release a strong smell and must be GMP complied. These cleaners do affect the environment of the cleanroom and are not evaporative. Additionally, non-foaming cleaners are ideal for cleaning in a cleanroom. This because the foam bibbles can contaminate the cleanroom environment.  They are also prone to leaving stains on furniture after cleaning the surfaces.

So, mild, foam-free cleaners that are stainproof and are sterile from the production unit best for cleaning the cleanroom. Additionally, you can also use DI water or deionized water to clean furniture and the floor.

Cleaning tips:

  1.   Cleaning the surface

For cleaning the surface, you can use the special cleanroom disinfectants and cleaners. The surface should be thoroughly clean to prevent any type of contamination or bacterial or microorganism colonization. Special cleanrooms and brooms are ideal for this cleaning.

  1.       How to Clean the furniture

A cleanroom has its furniture like benches, worktables, chairs, stools, etc. All of this furniture come in contact with the workers and the specimens inside the lab. So, this furniture should be cleaned and sterilized regularly. Non-foaming cleansers or disinfectants are best for cleaning this furniture. Please makes sure to clean the surfaces in such a way that they do not get water stains or become wet after cleaning. You can use polyester wipes to wipe out the surfaces. These wipes do not shed fibers like he paper ones and hence they are ideal for cleaning in cleanrooms. it is ideal to clean the furniture before and after work hours. This ay the chance of contamination is minimized. If you need to use vacuum then ask the housekeeping teams to use vacuums after cleaning and disinfecting the furniture.

  1.   How to clean the machines and equipment

The machines should also be cleaned regularly to prevent any kind of contamination. The machines should be wiped with cleaning wipes (polyester) and might be disinfected or sterilized using the regular cleanroom disinfectant. The machines should be handled carefully.

  1.   How to clean the filters

Almost every cleanroom has a high capacity filter like ULPA or HEPA filter that filters the air inside the cleanroom and protects its environment. So, the filters should be cleaned regularly. If the filter does not behave properly then it is better to call a technician for servicing.

There is a small guide about cleaning and maintaining a cleanroom. Global lab supply has everything including furniture, apparatus, and apparels for cleanrooms and gowning rooms. You can visit their official website to choose from their wide range of products.

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