How to Learn Quran Online in Australia?

One of the major dilemmas faced by Muslims all over the world is the lack of access to Quran classes. They cannot reach the Islamic institutes and academies like people living in Muslim countries. Australian Muslims are in the same boat. There are many who want to read, learn, and explore the Word of Allah (SWT) but they can’t.

Fortunately, technology is opening new doors for us. It has turned into a possibility for all aspiring Muslims to learn the Quran from expert tutors who are living miles apart. There are many academies that are teaching Quran online. They have tutors coming from credible backgrounds who opt to teach students using advanced technologies. They are a pro at what they do and most of them are highly devoted to spending their time to make students learn.

Perhaps they have all heard the beautiful Hadith:

“The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” (Sahih Bukhari 5207)

This Hadith clearly tells that not only teachers but students also earn multiple rewards because they do an effort to understand the Quran. Hence, if you are a Muslim living in Australia and looking to find a way to connect with Allah (SWT), you can learn Quran online.

Here are some of the ways to help you learn Quran online in Australia:

Enter Relevant Keywords

These days, the digital world is all about keywords. One must know how to input relevant keywords to find a subject they are looking for. For instance, if you want to know about online platforms teaching Quran in Australia, you have to enter “online Quran classes Australia.” Or you can also input the name of a specific course you are looking for.

Compare and Contrast the Platforms

Your next move should be to evaluate all the present forums. Take a deep insight into each website and find out their pattern of teaching. Some platforms provide group classes while some offer individual lessons. Also, there are different packages provided by each forum. These packages vary in terms of days, timings, and duration of the courses.

For a better analysis of the forum, a trial lesson is your best answer. You can take a few trial lessons in the beginning and compare between the forums you are considering.

Contact the Forum

Communication is the key to ensure that you are on the same page as the tutors. It is essential that you reach out to the site entities and talk to them about the course. Let them know your background in Quranic studies and also communicate what you expect to learn in this course.

Having a conversation with the authorities will allow you to evaluate how they deal with the students. If the method they choose and the transparency are convincing enough, go for it.

Also, make sure that the tutor assigned to you knows about your background and expectations. Tell him/her about the pace you prefer and the aspects of the curriculum that are difficult for you.

Check Your Connection and Devices

The availability of a strong network and efficient gadgets is important to make sure that the classes run smoothly. You cannot expect to be a part of the course if there is a constant break in your Internet connection. Make sure that you contact your service provider to improve your current network. Or you can choose to switch your Internet service provider.

Simultaneously, you should also examine if your gadgets are in proper condition. If there is an error in the device, it could cause a disruption during the classes. Make sure you have the earphones, mike, and all the essentials required to participate in the classes.

Find a Suitable Time

Online Quran teaching Australia has slowly grown in the past few years. You will find numerous academies providing online Quran classes in Australia. It is important that you know all the academies and takes a look through their schedules.

If you are willing to go for a particular platform, you should communicate with the teachers and authorities on it. Ask them how they are working out a schedule. Let them know your preferred time and see if they could accommodate you.

Remember, every second that you spend in the endeavor of learning the Quran will become your savior on the Day of Judgment. So do not hesitate to make a few compromises in your routine. You will find an automatic boost in your time, learning, and earning.

Read the Reviews

Every platform that has been working in the digital domain is under public scrutiny. Users of the platforms have the liberty to discuss their experiences on social media. Make sure that you find people who have been learning through the platform that you are considering.

For example, if you want to learn Quran online in Australia, read the reviews left by the students of online Quran teaching Australia. Ask them about their experiences with a particular teacher. If the reviews are positive, go for it. If not, ask for another tutor or find another Quran teaching academy.

Make Dua

Dua is the basic requirement of every task that we undertake in this world. It should be done with devotion and sincerity. One must ask Allah (SWT) to guide him/her. Tell Him (SWT) about your inspiration and how you are willing to learn the Quran. A sincere intention will bring the help of the Almighty and He (SWT) will definitely help you out.

What is the benefit of making supplications after performing the night prayers, for every action that God has commanded us is a wisdom that we may not know and perhaps we do not know, and the night prayer is closeness to God in the middle of the night while people are asleep. May the beloved have what we want and we ask him alone, not between us and him, nor between our call and the veil of God. Praying at the night after the greatest worship that is equivalent to it in class is an act of worship that draws close to God Almighty, and asks Him for what we want, and achieves the prayer that makes the Muslim think about the benefit of praying after the night.

Supplication is one of the acts of worship by which a person draws close to his Lord, so a person turns to God with a pure and pure heart asking God for his question, and God – the Most High – His treasuries are full and never run out, and in that the truth says – Glory be to Him -: Those who are too arrogant to worship Me will enter Hell in disgrace.” God commands his followers to call upon Him sincerely in religion; until he responds to them, and fulfills their needs that they were unable to fulfill.

Parting Thoughts

Online Quran teaching Australia is a field with vast options. If you are willing to start your journey of learning the Quran, you must take each step with care. Make sure you don’t end up falling into traps of malicious entities. Seeking the assistance of Allah (SWT) will enable you to learn Quran in the easy and fastest way.

We hope He (SWT) makes this journey easy for you. May you find the best platform providing services with sincerity. Aameen!

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