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How To Know When It’s Time To See an Orthodontist

Orthodontists can help you with the way you bite, eat, speak, and smile by correcting teeth alignment issues. Search for “orthodontist Cincinnati” whenever you experience a problem with your bite or teeth alignment. Here are some indicators that you need to see an orthodontist:

Painful Mouth, Teeth, Or Gums

Painful teeth, gums, or mouth result from misaligned teeth or other hidden oral health problems. Look for an orthodontist Cincinnati to identify the source of your discomfort. An orthodontist offers therapy to relieve the pain or soreness in your mouth, teeth, or gums.

Bad Breath

After brushing your teeth, lingering bad breath may result from bacteria trapped between crowded or crooked teeth. Food particles hiding in wide gaps between your teeth can provide a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria, resulting in bad breath. An orthodontist can fix the gaps, improving your ability to fight bacteria and maintain fresh breath.

Apnea Or Breathing Troubles

Breathing issues or sleep apnea can result from clogged airways. If your jaw is narrow, your teeth may misalign, restricting airflow. A Cincinnati orthodontist can assess your jaws and teeth to know if it is causing your breathing and snoring issues.

Articulation Problems

Different teeth alignment issues can result in various speech problems. An overbite or tooth gap may cause an audible lisp or whistle when you talk. Your jaw structure or tooth position can inhibit mobility, causing slurred phrases and stutters. You may struggle pronouncing sounds that require tongue-to-tooth contact because of the position of your teeth. An orthodontist can help align your teeth to improve your verbal communication.

Chewing Difficulty

Overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites make chewing difficult. A crossbite is when the top and bottom teeth do not line up on the side while the mouth is closed. For an open bite, the top and bottom teeth do not touch. Overbite is the overlap of your top teeth, while underbite is the overlap of your lower teeth onto your upper teeth. 

These issues can cause your teeth to wear and deteriorate. Schedule an appointment with an orthodontist to evaluate the cause of your chewing problems. Based on their findings, they can offer the correct treatment to improve your bite.

Smiling Insecurity 

Wide spaces between teeth, overcrowding, and misalignment can make you self-conscious. Orthodontic treatment can build your self-confidence and give you your much-desired smile, closing these gaps and realigning the jaw.

Baby Teeth Issues

Children who lose their baby teeth early or late and those with tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, or thumb sucking need early orthodontic intervention. If you see any problems with your child, take them to an orthodontist. Children as young as seven can visit an orthodontist but may wait until they’re nine years old for braces.

Look for Orthodontist Cincinnati

Search for “orthodontist Cincinnati” to find the best doctor in Cincinnati to restore your smile. Orthodontic therapy may address jaw and face asymmetry issues, thumb sucking, and realigning teeth for improved oral health. Your doctor may use braces or Invisalign to achieve your goals. Schedule an appointment today for appealing and healthy teeth.

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