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How to Hire a Full Stack Developer for your Project in 2022?

The full-stack developers are sought after by the app projects for cost-efficient development as they can handle the development tasks from start to finish. Full-stack developers by handling the client-side, server-side, and database of an app project, allow the app project to do away with hiring separate teams for different tasks. Ultimately, this results in reduced development cost and faster time to market for the app project.

Just because the full-stack developers are highly sought after, you cannot just blindly hire developers with the “full-stack” tag. If you want a step by step guide to hiring remote programmers with full-stack skills, you need to take into account several key skills. We are going to discuss these key skills and requirements here. Let’s start from the basics.

Who Should be Called a Full Stack Developer?

At first, you need to have a clear idea about what a full stack is and who should be called a full stack developer in the first place. A full tech stack refers to a set of technologies dealing with every aspect of development, including client-side or frontend, server-side or backend, middleware, and a database.

Some of the most well-known full technology stacks are MEAN (MongoDB for Database, ExpressJS for Middleware, AngularJS for Frontend and NodeJS for Backend), MERN (MongoDB for Database, ExpressJS for Middleware, ReactJS for Frontend and NodeJS for Backend), LAMP (Linux for Frontend Operating System, Apache for Middleware, MySQL for Database and PHP for Backend), etc.

A full-stack developer is an expert in any one of these technology stacks and by using all these technologies of a stack, he can handle all development tasks relating to frontend, backend, and database. In many countries, small business app projects prefer to hire full-stack developers to cut down on development costs and time. Hire full stack developers in India from IndianAppDevelopers that use innovative approaches for developing any type of web and mobile application for your business. Full-stack developers typically can develop an entire app starting from the UI/UX development to app architecture to server configuration to database development.

When Should You Hire a Full Stack Developer?

There are many situations and scenarios in which hiring full-stack developers can be beneficial for app projects. Let’s mention here below some of these scenarios for hiring full-stack developers.

  • In case you need to hire very experienced developers with all-around expertise and vision for the entire app project.
  • In times when you need to quickly roll out an app in the market without getting mired much into technical challenges relating to different facets of development.
  • The Full-stack developers are also hired to work as project managers with great command on every aspect of the development and the ability to share a vision of the app with customers.
  • Full-stack developers are also hired to deal with budget constraints as just one or two full-stack developers can handle all development tasks.

What are the Top Full Stacks in The Market Now?

To hire the right developer resources for full-stack development, you need to have a comprehensive idea about the leading technology stacks used for app development. These technologies stack are tested and tried through various app projects across the niches. Let’s have a look at these tech stacks.

  • MEAN: This widely popular tech stack comprises four leading frameworks. MongoDB for database, ExpressJS for middleware, AngularJS for front-end, and NodeJS for back-end development. MEAN is highly popular for single-page applications and robust enterprise app projects.
  • MERN: MERN is only different from the MEAN stack for replacing Angular with ReactJS for front-end development. All other technologies remain the same as the MEAN stack. The optimum code reusability, component-based architecture, Hot Reload feature, and Virtual DOM of React. These are the key reasons developers prefer this tech stack.
  • LAMP: It is a widely popular &  traditional tech stack comprising four key technologies.  Includes Linux operating system, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL relational database, and PHP programming language. Python or Perl can also replace PHP.
  • MEVN: This is another popular technology stack that uses Vue.js for front-end development while keeping other MEAN and MERN stack technologies intact. Many web developers prefer VueJS for its low footprint, highly purpose-oriented development with easy access to an array of out-of-the-box tools.

What are The Key Skills You Should Look for in Full Stack Developers?

Someone boasting of its full stack development skills doesn’t necessarily become an ideal candidate for your app project. You need to pay attention to the skills and capabilities of the developer candidate and evaluate through both technical interviews, demo tests and soft skill assessment.

Technical Skills

The full stack developers must be proficient in both client-side or frontend and server-side or backend development. They should have a strong command of database technologies and operating systems as well. Evaluate the following skills.

  • For most frontend development frameworks and libraries, JavaScript happens to be the core language. And leading technology stacks such as MEAN and MERN, JavaScript is the single language for both frontend and backend development.
  • For other technology stacks, it is important to evaluate proficiency in programming languages. For Instance as Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc.
  • A solid command of leading development environments and operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS is necessary.
  • You also need to evaluate the skills and proficiency with most common markup languages such as HTML and CSS.
  • A full-stack developer must be very well-acquainted with leading developer resource platforms & version control systems. Such as Git and GitHub.
  • Since full-stack developers deal with the entire app project. So they should have skills and enough experience with different web architectures.
  • As a Full-stack developer, it’s your responsibility to have a grasp of leading software development protocols. Such as Rest and HTTP.
  • Since many databases technologies use JSON or XML format for data transmission. So having a solid command over these two is important.
  • Finally, a technical skill test with a demo app project is necessary. To assess all the skills and abilities of the full stack developer.

UX/ UI Design Expertise

Since full-stack developers are relied upon for building an app from start to finish, they are also expected to have good knowledge of UX/ UI design principles. This is why when hiring full-stack developers for your app project, you must evaluate their UI/UX design skills to create user-centric web and mobile apps.

Soft Skills to Assess

Apart from all the technical skills & areas of expertise, full-stack developers should also fit into the job position with the right personality attributes, communication, etc. Here are some of these soft skills that you need to assess when hiring full-stack developers for your app project.

  • Superb communication skills
  • Positive attitude to excel with output
  • Team spirit to fit into a developer team
  • Ability to collaborate on a project remotely
  • Capabilities to handle challenges and uncertain project outcomes

To WrapUp How To Hire

Full-stack developers are so sought after just because of their all-around abilities. Naturally, the first thing you need to do is evaluate their all-around skills and abilities. How they are In handling all tasks from start to finish. Instead of hurrying things up, take one step at a time. To make a comprehensive assessment of each candidate to hire the best.

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