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How to Grow your Email List?

Just visited a site and they asked for your email address? You logged in a certain social media platform and they asked for your email address? Finally! You read a blog and subscribed to your notifications via email address. The email address is being demanded everywhere. The most cost-effective, reasonable and widely used weapon of B2C and B2B sales prospecting and data providing method is email marketing. According to 2019 stats everyday 293.1 million emails are being sent. The email prospecting software helps the businesses understand their emails open rate, deliverability, and entering into spam as well. 

Email marketing is the most effective and prominent way to connect with your potential leads and prospects. The digital world runs on email marketing and content creation. The foremost step towards b2b sales prospects is to understand your targetted audience. Thus, you require a b2b data provider, good content creation and email marketing software with good strategy.


There is a lot of development in the social media platform but the trusted and effective way to connect all these is email marketing. You must enroll yourself in b2b data provider tools and increase the retention rate, conversion rate, and long term relationships.


  • Use the opt-in-forms

It can give you a view of who is interested in your business. This is a getaway to send emails to your potential customers. An organic way to grow your email list. It also ensures the authentication of the mail. Here the free local business leads are being generated automatically. 

You can avail this form at different sites/ platforms as in the landing page, popular blogs, and on your purchase confirmation details. It is asking the prospects to send them updates about future offers, seminars, and services. You can customize this by adding a quick questionnaire. This will help you understand customers preferences.


  • Social media engagement.

The best and easiest way to get access to any lead or prospect is entering the social media platforms. Conduct webinars, Q&A sessions, and contests. All this will require their email address for further details and here you access to the once interested in your b2b2 business again. It is reaching a mass number of email address. The figures emerging from a certain platform will help you understand the visibility of your prospects and where to target more. The b2b data provided by this is reliable and cost-effective. You just need to nurture them for a good relationship.


  • Product Giveaway.

Who won’t opt for a free product by just signing in via email address? The brands have always used the’ little free’ and ‘giveaway’ concept to attract customers. It works well in digital marketing as well. This doesn’t require your email prospecting softwares. It is an organic growth with follow-ups to be done. When the content for the giveaway is over. Those who could not win can have an email from your side as. ‘ you can grab the product at % discount’. You have the email and now you just have attract the customer who was already interested in buying your service.   


  • Plugins.

The tools like, WooBox, optinmonster, Facebook lead Ads Unbounce and many more these B2B data providers are also very beneficial tools in order to build your. These tools work for different platforms are an efficient way to build your email list by pop-ups, newsletter subscription. It helps you create giveaways, contests, and webinars. It works as an email prospecting software in more digitalized way.


  • LinkedIn Pulse

Create great and engaging content. Consistently post on these platforms and widen your reach by connecting to people, get referrals. It will give you an authentic nice and free local business leads. Whenever you post content add the link which directs your viewer to the newsletter subscription or Opt-in-forms. It will provide you with an email list more efficiently than email prospecting software.


Some key features to keep in mind

  • Never purchase an email list online. It is better to build an organic email list than wasting money.
  • Invest in Email verification and validation tools to know if any email now is inactive, has honeypot, or is a wrong email. It will save your time and help you from landing in the spam folder.
  • Use your own email list that is built. The practice of taking away or theft of data may seem beneficial but is not worth spending time and money on. The business services and niches might be different.
  • Send your email in a customized way. It help in nurturing relationships.
  • Always have a questionnaire session at the end of any unsubscription of giveaway.



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