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How to Get Spotify Mod Apk Premium Latest Version 2021

How to Get Spotify Mod Apk Premium Latest Version 2021 – The presence of this online music player service provider helps users who like to listen to music anytime and anywhere without having to bother and store it in mobile memory.

For free or Freemium services there is no need to pay for it when using Spotify, but not all music or songs can be played. This service has limitations to access, including not being able to download favorite songs.

Subscribing to Spotify Premium Apk is easy and you can get all the features it has, including being able to download all songs or music. Of course, this way can save more internet quota, especially for those who never leave listening to songs or music.

For that, see the review on How to Get Spotify Mod Apk Premium Latest Version 2021 below.

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How to Get Spotify Premium Apk Service for Free

Spotify Premium Mod APK Download free v8.5 (Unlimited Features) - Readree

If you want to get features from Spotify Premium but don’t want to spend money for a subscription, then you can use the Spotify Mod Apk. Here are the steps you need to take to get Spotify Premium for free:

  1. The first step is to delete the original Spotify application installed on the cellphone.
  2. Next, download the Spotify Mod Apk via the link you got.
  3. Choose the Apk that matches the type of CPU used on the smartphone. For that, it is necessary to know the type of smartphone CPU, whether ARM or X86. To find out, you can use the CPU Z application.
  4. After knowing the type of smartphone CPU, you can directly download and install the application.
  5. Then sign up or create a new account to enjoy the features of Spotify premium.
  6. Process completed.

Features of Spotify Mod Apk Premium

By installing the Spotify Premium Mod Apk, you will be presented with the following features:

  • Seek FWD Button Added to nformatіon Bar/Tablet
  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Seekіng Enabled
  • Unlmіted Shuffle
  • Extreme Audio Unlocked
  • Choose Any Song
  • Ads Blocked
  • Repeats Enabled

3 Cara Spotify Premium iOS Gratis di iPhone Terbaru 2021

Spotify is a cross-platform streaming media with the most complete music database. However, ordinary users will not get the maximum quality from the Spotify service. You have to subscribe to Spotify premium first so you can choose the best sound quality. Therefore, the Spotify Premium iOS method needs to be done so that you can enjoy it for free.

With Spotify Premium you can listen to music without ads plus better audio quality and can be downloaded or played offline. How to get rid of Spotify ads can be done through a third-party tweak application. You will no longer find ad breaks in the middle of playing songs and are free to skip.

How to Spotify Premium iOS Free

Because the premium subscription is quite expensive per month, you can take advantage of the tweaked Spotify. So there is no need to spend money to fully enjoy the premium Spotify service. Currently, there are several tweak application providers that you can choose from, if you are still curious, check out the following Spotify Premium iOS method.

1. How to Spotify Premium iOS via Tweakbox

Tweakbox is already quite a well-known name among iOS users. Tweakbox also provides various premium applications such as Spotify, To use Spotify premium, you have to do some settings.

How to Spotify Premium iOS via Tweakbox

  • Please open Safari then go to the site
  • Download the TweakBox app by pressing download app.
  • A pop-up appears, press Install.
  • Enter your iOS passcode and press Install.
  • When the installation is complete, open the Tweakbox.
  • Enter the APPS menu.
  • Select the Tweaked Apps section.
  • Please search for the app with the name Spotify++.
  • Continue by pressing Install, a pop-up appears, press Install again.
  • So that Spotify Premium iOS can be used then go to the Settings menu then General.
  • Choose Profile & Device Management and enter Dongfeng Motor Finance.
  • Tap trust Dongfeng Motor Finance and tap Trust again.
  • Login by going to Settings then Account.
  • Add your Spotify username and password.

2. How to Spotify Premium iOS via AppValley

Alternatively, you can try Appvalley which is also widely known. AppValley provides many tweaked apps that you can download for free. To enjoy Spotify premium, please see the complete method below.

How to Spotify Premium iOS via AppValley

  • Open Safari and then type the address
  • Press download AppValley
  • Continue by pressing Install.
  • When the installation is complete go to Settings then General and Profile & Device Management.
  • Please tap Trust AppValley.
  • Open AppValley then searches for Spotify++.
  • Press Install.
  • When finished, just go to  Settings then General and Profile & Device Management.
  • Tap Trust Spotify++.
  • Open Spotify++ then it can be used.

3. How to Spotify Premium CokernutX

The final option is to use CokernutX which is pretty much the same as other premium tweak providers. More or less the way to install Spotify Premium is almost the same, for more details, follow these steps.


  • The first way is to run Safari and then visit
  • Press the Install button
  • Once the installation is complete open CokernutX.
  • Search for Spotify++ then press Install.
  • When finished, just go to Settings then General and Profile & Device Management.
  • Trust the certification by pressing  Trust.
  • Open Spotify then use it with premium facilities.

All the Spotify Premium iOS ways are quite easy for anyone to do. With the download status of the app above, it can also be used to restore deleted applications. Not only can it be used for Spotify Premium, but there are various paid apps that you can also get from the three platforms above.

How to get Spotify cheaper with the student offer

Spotify is making headlines in recent days for its ultimatum to applications that skip the ads and get benefits from ‘Premium’ accounts without paying anything. In Pro Android, we are in favor of you paying for the service, although we know that 10 euros or 10 dollars a month can be a lot. Today we have a solution for you, which you can only take advantage of if you are studying. Yes, we mean the platform’s student offer. Thanks to this promotion you can get Spotify cheaper and with the same advantages as the Spotify Premium Apk accounts. It really is a normal and current payment account, but with a great discount for users who are in the study period.

This is not something illegal, as the company itself promotes this discount for students. Of course, trying to skip the verification step or cheat is something that could be punished with the suspension of the account. Still, the processes are quite strict and cannot be skipped lightly.

How to get Spotify for only 4.99 euros or 49 Mexican pesos per month

Spotify’s student offer cuts the price of the ‘Premium’ account in half. In the case of Spain, you will have to pay 4.99 euros per month, in Mexico only 49 pesos and in the United States 4.99 dollars. Virtually every country where Spotify offers a service can take advantage of this promotion for students. Of course, not all users can do it, as the company verifies that you are studying at a university.

Spotify for students

From the link that we leave you just above you can start to verify your account. You must enter your information, as well as the campus where you are currently studying. Spotify will verify with an external service the veracity of said data, to give you access to the student account in case everything is correct. If you do the entire verification process from your campus Wi-Fi, the process will be immediate, so we highly recommend it.

After verification, Spotify will ask you for a credit card to be able to charge for the service. If everything has gone well and you have been verified as a student, the price will have a 50% discount on the base rate. It is a considerable discount that is available in practically all markets.

You can take advantage of all the advantages of a normal ‘Premium’ account because you can also download music and forget about the ads. It is important to emphasize that this promotion lasts 4 years, although you must renew it at home for 12 months as long as you continue to meet the necessary requirements. You can do it a maximum of 3 times.

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