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How to Find a Job as a Fresher

Since, you have happily announced your completion of graduation on your social media, it’s now time for the next endeavour and that is “how to find a job as a fresher”. You have a tons of companies in your mind, and you have even connected with a few. You are doing everything right possible yet there is one thing that will come in the way of getting a fresher job and that is ‘fresher with one-year experience’. For each posting of fresher specific job role, employers end up looking for someone who has a little experience in anyway.

So, how do to overcome this?

It is not impossible and you can surely get a job without any prior professional experience by taking some steps. Here mentioned some tips on how to find a job as a fresher.

1. A break makes a difference

Give yourself a couple of days to loosen up from your ongoing restless exam nights before getting onto your job hunt right away. It is important for you to come back to a fully refreshed and revived mental state in order to think and prepare well for what is coming next.

2. List your strengths

Focus on the abilities you have perceived in yourself over your academic years. List down a list of soft skills or personal characteristics that you find in yourself. It could be anything, for example, the ability to communicate, verbally or written, or the ability to lead a  project. These are reflected in your resume as the important skills needed to work in a professional environment.

3. Seek help to build your resume


Sometimes, trying to uncover your skills and abilities can be a little bit confusing, and more for somebody who is trying to look for jobs as a fresher. This is where you can take help from your close friends or family. Ask them to tell you what they see as your strength and your weaknesses. You will be surprised to see yourself from their point of view and discover more about you than  you knew.

Need help with your resume? Here is how to write Your First Professional CV

4. Online job boards

You can get professional services to build your resume from various online job boards and portals where you can enroll yourself. These platforms allow you to look for the jobs you want to do, by filtering them by posting date, experience, role, industry and job location. You can have your updated resume and profile prepared for better search results among recruiters and also learn tips and tricks to improve your interview skills.

5. Job referral

Job referrals are probably one of the best ways to get a job. A job referral is where a person refers you for a role in an organisation.

Numerous companies have Employee Referral Program, where an employee who recommends a candidate for a role in his organization receives incentives.

So, start preparing the list of your known contacts. Call up or meet those contacts who are working in your preferred industry.

6. Research your employer


If you want to consider someone to work with you, you would definitely expect them to show some interest in you and your company, right? Almost every interviewer asks you what you know about the company, and it definitely looks bad if you  have no idea what to answer. Yes, you might be applying to many companies simultaneously and remembering everyone’s details is going to be difficult. But, as a fresher, having a keen interest in the job profile and the company with a passion to prove your worth are sure ways to make a good impression on the employer. It also helps if you customize your resume for specific roles and companies that you apply for.

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