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How to Convert EML to PST in Simple Steps

EML is a standard file format, established for Outlook Express by Microsoft. However, many significant email clients like Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. use this file format to store user information. But sometimes, users need to convert EML to PST files due to many professional or personal reasons. Now, let’s consider the reason behind the conversion of EML to PST.

Reasons Behind Migration of EML file to PST

There are many email clients available for users. Therefore, users have plenty of options to get their email info in almost any email client. But, some of the reasons due to which users need to migrate EML to PST.

  • Sometimes, users will need to access PST files based on their email client; then, it needs to save EML to PST format.
  • Users didn’t store extensive data in EML format.
  • Facing the EML file corruption problems.
  • Microsoft Outlook provides some fantastic features while using PST files.
  • PST occupies the large data storage in one single file.

Difference Between EML to PST

EML is a popular email message together with its embedded attachments. It includes the entire email formatting of emails such as header, subject, to, cc, etc. PST file format used to store items such as events, calendars within Microsoft applications like Outlook, MS Exchange Server, etc.

Now, you can understand the difference between the two files. Let’s go further and discuss the reasons why we need to change EML to PST.

Steps to Convert EML to PST files

Before preceding the procedure, backup your files because the manual method is not fully secured.  Save EML to PST using Windows Live Mail and MS-Outlook. 

  1. Open Windows Live Mail and MS-Outlook on your system.
  2. Click on the File menu then select the Email messages from the export option in the Window Live Mail.
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange while using the export option and hit the next button.
  4. Now, you get a message that all emails are successfully exported to Microsoft Outlook.
  5. Hit the Ok button.
  6. Now, you will get here two options while you want to export single email folders or all folders that you want to export.
  7. Press the Ok button.
  8. When all steps are completed you get an Export complete wizard message, then press the finish button.

Drag & drop method using Microsoft Outlook

This method is preferred only when your EML file is separately stored on your system and no other applications are installed on your computer that supports the EML files.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your pc.
  2. Browse the EML files and then, select your file.
  3. Drag the selected file and drop it on the application.
  4. Then, click on the save as option and select the PST file format.
  5. Click on the Finish button.

It was the manual method, it’s time-consuming, and it was a challenging task. Now, we will talk about its limitations.

Few Limitations of Manual Method

  • When you face any issue, nobody assists you, and it’s consumed more time.
  • This process used the Window Live mail application; without following this procedure, you can’t convert EML to PST.
  • Risk of data loss when utilized this method.
  • There is no solution to save EML to PST on the local system.

These are some limitations or restrictions that can be faced while conversion of EML to PST file format. Moreover, Here I am going to mention an expert solution to do so, without any restrictions.

Expert Solution to Export EML to PST File Formats

You can migrate an EML file to a PST file using third-party software. The third-party software is the best option to change EML to PST files. By third-party software, you can quickly save EML files as PST file format, the tool gives a choice to make this possible.

Working of Expert Solution

Using this innovative utility, users convert EML into various file formats and by following these steps. 

  1. Download and install the EML Converter and run it on your system.
  2. Then, select single or multiple files and press the Open button.
  3. Now, select the EML file shown on your system, select the file attachments and folders you want to convert, and hit the next button.
  4. Browse PST format from the drop-down list. 
  5. You can use the mailbox filters, which you need to save into PST format.
  6. Now, provide the location where the file is saved.
  7. Press the convert button, within a few seconds all the data will convert from EML to PST format.
  8. You have completed the process for conversion of EML to PST file format. Here, You can also download the report for upcoming works.

This quick process of migrating EML to PST with the help of the EML Converter application is the best method and can save EML to PST file and the full details of the file.

Final Words

This blog is based on how to convert EML to PST in simple steps. So, considering the query, I have briefly explained the correlated term and information about the conversion of EML emails into PST format with its possible solution. Sometimes, using the manual method users face some limitations. Besides this, If you want the best result, you can go with the prominent software, which converts multiple EML files to PST without any data loss. It has an easy and user-friendly GUI that helps novice users to operate the software.

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