How to Choose the Best IPL at Home Treatment Device

You can shave, wax or pluck; you can visit the salon and pay exorbitant fees for professional treatments; or, you can follow this guide to help you choose the best IPL at home treatment device. With the right device, you will be able to easily and painlessly treat your face and body for the removal of unwanted hair. It can be quick, efficient, and affordable – start here and look for a device that can offer you these benefits.

Proven Safe

While you may come across many options for IPL hair removal, which works by using light to target the hair follicle and slow growth in a given area, make sure you go with one that is certified safe to use. There are plenty of IPL devices out there, and IPL by design is safe, but be sure to stick with a reputable and well-reviewed option.

Gentle and Painless

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is gentle and painless by design, but by the same reasoning used above, be sure to check out a thoroughly reviewed and attested model. After all, the point here is to come up with lasting options for hair removal that are not irritating like plucking or waxing, so do your research on a device.

Proven Effectiveness

Look for an IPL device that is proven effective at removing hair. There are many models out there promising different results for different types of hair and at different paces. Make sure you go with a time vetted model that offers customer testimonials regarding the effectiveness of the product. Again, IPL as a process is a proven technology, but it’s recommended to go with the highest quality model you can find.


There are two ways to approach cost-effectiveness. On the one hand, there is the cost efficiency of being free from having to go to the salon or to buy waxing supplies or razor cartridges. On the other hand, there is the overall price of the device. With a little shopping around, you can have both benefits, as you will see a little later in this article.

Comes with a Guarantee

Lastly, it can be beneficial to look for a model that comes with a guarantee so that you can rest assured with your purchase. Customer service commands a premium in any market and it is not different in this one. Read on to learn a little more about a specific model that comes with a money-back guarantee so you can be rest assured in the purchase.

This is a good place to start; if you come up with preferences, you can add them to your own list, but if you check off these essential boxes in your search, you’ll come across the best IPL at home treatment device.

Sooner or later, your search will yield the RoseSkinCoTM IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset. This device checks off all of the boxes above and then some. It is certified safe and effective for use and is suitable for the removal of unwanted hair from almost all skin types. It is gentle, cost-effective, and time-efficient as well – you can complete a full body treatment in as little as a half-hour and expect to see lasting results in as little as three weeks.

In addition, RoseSkinCoTM guarantees customer satisfaction. If you are unhappy with the purchase, you are covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee, and the device itself is covered by a warranty for a year. With thousands of satisfied customers around the world, it’s no secret or surprise that the RoseSkinCoTM Laser Hair Removal Handset works – just check out or reach out to them at to learn more.

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