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Weddings preparations can be quite overwhelming. Every little detail is equally important. Wedding is one of the most important part of any person’s life. They want it nothing less than perfection. With having so many preparations to do, choosing a venue is also one amongst many. It is very important to choose the right banquet hall so as to match the level of perfection. A luxury banquet hall for wedding in Hyderabad or any other city is what every planner is looking into.  There could be many things running in your mind when choosing a banquet hall. It could either lead to confusion or could be too much to think. Here are a few things that are very important for you to consider before choosing your wedding hall. Using this list will surely help you be organized and will lead you to choose the perfect hall for you wedding.

  1. Budget

One of the most important thing when deciding any venue is to be precise on the budget. If you have a fixed or approximate budget, it surely clears out the extra options. It gives you a precise list of venues that would fit into your budget and you can further choose them depending on whether they have other pointers in their venue or no. The budget should surely include catering, decor, additional facilities etc.

  1. Location

The next important point to keep in mind is the location. It should be easily accessible and should be within the comfort zone of your guests and the hosts. It shouldn’t be in the outskirts as all the guests would take an hour or more to reach. If you have guests coming in from airports or railway station, it is important to choose a venue near by.

  1. Capacity

It is essential to know the number of guests attending the wedding and also the capacity the hall can hold. Having a bigger space and less guests makes it look quite empty or vacant whereas having a small venue for more number of people makes it very suffocating and clumsy. Having the right space for right number of people makes your event half way successful. Having a nice open veranda let’s people enjoy the function well.

  1. Layout of your venue

The layouts of your venue are very important. You should make sure that your venue offers different layouts for receptions, mehendi, wedding etc. Make sure it have various layouts to offer. Convention hall at Auspacious offers banquet hall for events in Hyderabad. This makes it worthy to use and also helps you get innovative with decor. Having limited layouts makes it boring and doesn’t leave much option for decor and other creative ideas.

  1. Wedding caterers

Along with the décor another essential part is the food. It plays a major role in weddings. There are few halls that only serve vegetarian food. Therefore it is better to be sure than be shocked later. Check with your wedding venue what kind of food do they allow in the wedding hall. Also the important part is to have a tasting session before you finalize the menu for the functions. This will help you to have different types of cuisines for different functions.

  1. Reviews

Lastly, but equally important point is to check our reviews of the venue. The previous attendees or host must have written a true review of what the hall offers and how it lives up to their expectations. The venue holders might give you a list of things they ll offer but refuse to do the same on the main day. Therefore going through reviews will surely help you to get a true idea about the venue and it’s services that they offer.

In addition to the above list the other pointers to consider will be to check the availability on the date your require, to check whether you’ll have to pay for the extra hours you use the hall, if they offer other in-house services, any discounts available, if they can do any decor or change the look of the venue, parking facilities etc,.

Therefore these are most important things to consider before you choose a wedding venue. Some points are basic whereas some are details that you should keep in mind when choosing a banquet hall.

The list keeps you updated with what the wedding venue offers and how it is better as compared to others. This makes the process a little easy and keeps you on track.

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