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How to choose a tour of the USA

America is an amazing country. It combines modern technology with a vibrant past. Many tourists want to tours in the USA this country, while going there for completely different purposes. Someone wants to look at the Statue of Liberty, while someone just wants to visit the resorts of the United States . For a vacation in America, you need to delve into the peculiarities of the intersection, as well as take into account all the peculiarities of the culture and country.

I present information for those who want to buy tours in the USA in 2017.

Tours in the USA

First of all, you need to decide on the type of trip to the United States. After choosing the company of the tour operator to which you will issue the voucher, you need to understand which tour you will focus on. It can be:

  • Last minute tours to the USA
  • Combined tours. Can be combined with a cruise or ocean vacation.
  • Individual programs, as well as a tour of the country.
  • Tours for a week, 10 days or two weeks.
  • Monthly tours.

Trips for several people, for example, 2.

Group trips with Russian-speaking tourists. Moreover, the composition of the group can be not only with Russian tourists, but also with foreigners who speak Russian.

Holidays, such as New Years or Christmas

It is possible to purchase bus tours in the USA and travel the entire continent by bus as well as by car.

It should be noted that at the moment it is much more profitable to travel to America than to many other countries. This is due to the price of air travel, as well as the simplified visa issuance regime. When choosing a tour to America, you need to calculate whether it includes the cost of excursions, flights, logan car service, hotel, as well as various taxes and fees.

Flight and obtaining a visa

The time in the air from Moscow differs depending on where you are flying. On average, the flight takes from 8 hours to 11. You can fly to almost anywhere in the country by direct flight. You should also apply for documents. For an unhindered visit to the States, you need to have several papers. First of all, you will have to take care of obtaining a visa . To do this, you need to have:

  • International passport with a blank page.
  • When visiting the Schengen area within the past five years, you must provide an old foreigner.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Pay the consular fee and provide a receipt for payment.
  • A 5×5 photo. Even if you wear glasses, you need to take pictures without them. It is important.

Mandatory confirmation of your plans to return to Russia. These can be documents about work, real estate, the presence of relatives and friends.

It may take from a week to a month to obtain a visa. There are several official reasons why you may be denied a visa in 2018:

Not attachment to the Motherland. If you have no job, no housing, and you are a young man without children, then the chances of getting a visa are very few.

Other Countries Experience

Bad past traveling to other countries. If you went abroad and did not return from there on time or did not go at all, then it will be difficult for you to prove your law-abidingness.

Problems at the interview. When the visa officer talks to you, he will pay attention not only to the documents, but also to your behavior.

Money is tight. This applies to medical tourism. If you eat for treatment, then prove that you have enough money.

After obtaining a visa, you can go with all the documents to a travel company for choosing a tour in the United States.

Climatic features

Before the trip, you should check the information about the climate. Since America is a large country, then you need the climate of exactly the strip where you are going. In the North of the States, the climate is temperate. In the very north is the subarctic. This must be taken into account if you want to purchase tours in North America. Most of the country is located in the subtropical climate zone. South – tropics. There are states with a Mediterranean climate.

In California, it can only rain in autumn and winter, while summer is characterized by heat and little rainfall. In the north, on average, the temperature in the warm season is about 22 degrees above zero. The climate is very similar to ours, in the Central European part of the Russian Federation.

Popular cities and destinations

It’s not enough to choose how long you travel to the States, you need to decide where exactly. There are several destinations that are considered the most popular in the region. Tours to America offer to see the cities:

Las Vegas. Those who have not seen this city have lived in vain. Probably the brightest, as well as beautiful and fabulous city in America. Here you can become a millionaire or a beggar. Anyone will find entertainment here to their liking. A must visit Broadway. You can fly over the city by helicopter. It is impossible to describe this fairy tale, it must be felt. But besides the bustling city, you can devote yourself to nature. For example, visit the local zoo.

Los Angeles . A city for those who dream of visiting Hollywood. The cinema factory is one of the best attractions in the country. That there is only a walk of fame. You can also pamper yourself with a cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean. Theater lovers can visit Grauman. This is a Chinese theater in the center of America.

Miami. Coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a tour for lovers of real relaxation on the beach in the sun. Here you will be able to completely relax. Be sure to remember that a couple of decades ago, vacation in Miami was not available to citizens of other countries. You can visit the zoo in Miami. This is a truly fabulous place. Conditions for animals are close to natural. There are 2000 animal species in the zoo. Built in 1925, Miami’s Freedom Tower is also a popular attraction.

Aquarium Lovers

Lovers of animals and the seas can visit the aquarium. For museum lovers, Miami beaches has something to do too, like the Police Museum. It was built for 6,000 employees who died in the line of duty.

California. Tours to Disneyland in the USA will send you to this particular state. In addition, California is home to a large desert known to the inhabitants as Death Valley.

San Francisco . A city for young and active people, those who want to relax in the process of round-the-clock dancing. You can visit Alcatraz – the famous old prison. Now there are no prisoners, this is a place for tourists. In addition, it is a city of opera, ballet and all kinds of concerts.

Hawaiian Islands. Another option for sea and beach lovers as well as cool bars. Only here you can lie on a black beach with volcanic sand or on a green beach with a lot of chrysolite. The state capital is Honolulu. A naval base is located in the suburbs of this city.

These are not all popular destinations you can visit by limo service or with other transportation. There are tours to Central America, and you can also go to Alaska . It all depends on your desire. In addition, you need to understand what exactly you want to get from the trip.

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