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How to choose a hair dryer

How to choose a hair dryer

 A hair dryer is an electronic device which is used to dry hair by blowing air over it. It is also used to add shape and volume with professional look along with drying hair. So we have to choose a high quality model which will be best suited for our hair. At the time of purchasing a hair dryer, we have to focus on the following key factors which are described below.

  1. Material selection

Choose tourmaline or ionic dryer for thick, frizzy hair

For faster drying and less frizzy hair, ionic or tourmaline hair dryer is a good choice. Normally these dryer give off negative ions which result in faster drying by breaking up of water droplets of wet hair. It may a good investment for people with extremely thick or frizzy hair.

If your hair is fine or thin, you may avoid ionic dryers because they are not effective in building volume like as other types of dryer.

Choose a ceramic or porcelain dryer for fine or dry hair

Ceramic and porcelain coated dryers with plastic or metal housing feature provide less harsh and more consistent heat. It also use negative ions to prevent frizz and allow to dry hair more quickly. So it is a good choice dry or fine hair for dehydrating easily. Ceramic or porcelain model is really a good choice for all hair types.

Look for a titanium dryer for extremely thick or a lot of hair

In case of thick or a lot of hair, a titanium dryer is drastically helpful for reducing drying time. Weight of titanium dryer is less than ceramic or porcelain dryer. So it is more comfortable to hold when we have to dry a lot of hair.

  1. Power and weight selection

Opt for a dryer with 1500W or more

The motor’s activity of a dryer is measured by wattage. Dryer with high wattage will give more fast action than the dryer with low wattage. The price is also a little bit high and need less replace than low wattage dryer. Choose a dryer at least 1500W for home use. But for extremely thick hair, look for a dryer within 1800W to 2000W.

Choose a lightweight dryer for comfortable to hold

Dryer weight is an important consideration for comfortable drying. Choose a dryer approximately 1 pound in weight for more comfortable drying.

Find a dryer with different heat settings

Choose a dryer with high, medium and low heat settings so that we can reset heat according to hair requires. The low heat will work well for fine, thin, or dry hair. The medium heat is good for normal hair and the high heat setting is good for coarse or thick hair.

  1. Right extract selection

Select a dryer with cool setting

The feature is important to get shiny and sleek hair. It use to blast hair at the end of drying to get smooth and shiny hair. It is done when drying is completed approximately 80%.

Purchase a dryer with a diffuser for curly hair

A diffuser is used to distribute the hot air in a large area without blowing hair. In case of curly or wavy hair, it is particularly helpful for keeping the texture intake while still adding volume. Normally a diffuser snaps onto the end of the blow dryer.

Opt for a dryer with concentrator nozzle

Concentrator nozzle is used to emit the air. For regularly straighten hair, it is a handy tool. It also helps to cut down on frizz.

Look for a dryer with a comb

In case of thick, curly hair it helps to stretch out the natural curl pattern during drying you hair.

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