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How to Choose a Bridal Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

So, it’s time to choose a wedding bridal makeup artist. Doesn’t it seem like there are a billion artists and a lot of pressure to choose the right one for your wedding? Yes, this guide is the ultimate deception paper with five of the most critical questions you can ask your potential wedding partner before booking.

One of the things I hear brides do when they first look at a wedding makeup artist is “I’ve never done this before, so I’m not really sure what to do.” This is true! Most brides have never planned a wedding, and many have never hired a professional makeup artist. It can be confusing and frustrating! I am writing this as a person in the industry, to help you all go around asking brides who will be dealing with this process and make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

“How do I find cosmetics artists in my area?”

The first step is to find artists who work for your site and make a list of them you would like to look at. Referral from your location, wedding planner, or photographer should weigh their weight in GOLD. They do weddings all the time, work with hundreds of other vendors, and know who is right. Most sites and organizers have a “List of Recommended Dealers” that they are happy to offer to their booked brides. Photographers are always happy to make recommendations for respected, talented makeup artists because the big ones make their work easier! (A little Photoshop and time spent planning? Oh, yes!) Newlyweds can be a great source of communication. Ask them who they used and what they will use again. And again, the internet has made this task a lot easier than in previous years, and a simple online search for “makeup studio in Lucknow” should bring up their list. So now you have potential artists …

“How do I choose the right makeup artist?”

There are 5 important things to look for when making this decision

  1. Their website and portfolio

    – Famous bridal designers will have a beautiful website that shows pictures of their work. Beware of websites that use stock images or overly organized images. Also, keep in mind that a good-looking website is often a sign of tacky taste – and with a poor taste of makeup. Online portfolios should reflect a range of different looks, from barely — where there is a natural make-up, to the most striking look of the evening. If it looks like a single makeup look on their website, the best chances are the only look they know how to do, and the look you will get for yourself and everyone at your wedding party.

  2. Style

    – Does the make-up of a makeup artist’s website reflect the style of makeup you want? If the love make-up looks paired with dew skin, you’ll want to stay away from artists who prefer a more casual, Instagram-style look. And vice versa – if you like Kim Kardashian’s heavy makeup look, then artists who show a more natural look will not make the right choice.

  3. Reviews

    – There are so many places online that consumers can leave and get updates. Use it! For wedding vendors, sites like Knot, WeddingWire, and Yelp are great resources. Check out the reviews of each makeup artist you are considering, but keep some things in mind. First, it is becoming increasingly easy for businesses to set up false updates. If you scroll through their reviews and see 5-star ratings all in a few days, that business may pay people to leave those reviews for you. This is often done in opposition to previous negative reviews, as it increases their overall rating.

    I recommend searching for business updates at the “lowest rate” where possible. Second, it is common for a business to have one or two reviews under 5 stars. Everyone is different and people appreciate different things. Less than 3 stars could mean that the client did not appreciate their $ 100 makeup use the way they look at their Jim 2000 Choo shoes. And sometimes a negative review can be left to retaliate if the client is unhappy about not getting something out of it. I won’t worry about one or two under-good reviews, but if you see a certain number of them, that should be a cause for concern.

  4. Personality and Connection

    – Something that most people do not underestimate is the personality of the makeup artist and the personal contact you have with them. Their makeup skills are amazing? It’s amazing! Isn’t their personality so gold? It is more important than you think. You will spend hours with this artist on one of the most important days of your life. You have to love them, and you want to be with them. Whether done via email, phone, or in person, be sure to make sure that this makeup artist really appreciates you! Previous reviews may be good for this. Look for key phrases like “I feel like I know him forever!” or “he was gentle and calm during such a difficult time”. Some people are by nature “human”. Those are the ones you will want to hire.

  5. Price

    – Price is something I have to talk about because it can be a very important factor in the decision-making of many brides. You will need to choose a makeup artist that fits into your wedding budget, but remember that in this aspect, you really get what you pay for. Cosmetic artists at the highest end of the spectrum are there for a reason: they use high-quality products, pay for specialized training, use proper sanitation (all waste and cleaning products can be expensive!), And skilled and experienced low-cost artists can often match. For the best-looking bridesmaids and flawless wedding photos to start with, choose the artist at the top of your price range.

  6. Start early

    Around eight months before your wedding, begin observing cosmetics specialists and their works. In the event that you’ve as of late went to a wedding and you preferred the cosmetics style on the lady of the hour, request the name of the cosmetics craftsman and do some exploration on their portfolio to evaluate whether you like what they do. Additionally helpful is making a state of mind board that portrays the looks that you like. This can fill in as a wellspring of motivation for your to-be cosmetics craftsman.

  7. Surveys matter

    Each cosmetics craftsman has a history, and it pays to peruse surveys given by past customers. Take part and read remarks presented at wedding gatherings to get a feeling of’s who in the marriage cosmetics industry. From that point, you can waitlist the main few cosmetics craftsmen that you’d prefer to talk more with or even select for your huge day. Be careful to take references from audits by different ladies, and not simply advertising groups out to persuade you regarding how great their craftsmen are.

  8. Give it a shot

    A similar way vehicle purchasers demand a trial prior to setting out their upfront installments, inquire as to whether the cosmetics craftsman can do a preliminary meeting. All things considered, your skin is similarly just about as significant as your huge day and you would need to be under the watchful eye of the individuals who know a great deal.

“I know who I want to book, now what?”

The first step, if you have not already done so, is to make sure you are available with your chosen makeup artist

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