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How To Build & Gain Muscles Naturally? Know Here!

Every other guy is heading towards the gym nowadays. People are lifting weights, following strict diet, and having Muscle Building Foods.

They do everything in their capacity to get big. And rightly so. Big muscles gives you a strong appearance and an impactful personality.

However, just doing everything won’t take you to your fitness goals.

You have to do everything in a proper way. You must have the proper knowledge how to gain muscle fast.

The following blog will guide you to Build & Gain Muscles Naturally. It contains all the conventional methods that will give sure and steady results.

So let’s get started with an overview of muscle building at the gym.


Muscle Building at the Gym

First of all we need understand that Muscle Growth are not build at the gym. At the gym, you break the muscles.

Muscle building takes place more in the kitchen than the gym. Exercise you do at the gym accounts for only 30-40% of the muscle-building process. Rest depends on your diet.

There are some other factors as well that affects the growth of your muscle. The amount of rest your body gets between two workout sessions is one of them.

Never fall for any hoax such as How to get bigger muscles in 1 week. There is no way you can get ripped in just a week.

Muscle building needs time, discipline, and patience. There is no way to get hulking muscles overnight unless you meet an accident like Bruce Banner did.

We’ll discuss various pointer about how to build muscles naturally. As diet and exercise both are important. So we will discuss them both one by one.

First things first! Let’s have a look at what to eat to gain muscle.


Diet Pointers for How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

Diet is relatively more significant factor in muscle building than exercise. You need to have a healthy and nutritious diet for faster muscle gains.

You see people get big fast with supplements. However, the natural way takes much time. It’s a steady process.

The key points you must keep in mind about an ideal diet for muscle building are:


#1. Stick to a Healthy Diet

Maintain a healthy diet regime. Your diet must include all macro and micro-nutrients. It is not necessary to measure each ounce of food you take.

However, it is important that you keep an eye on the amount of calories you are putting in your body.

There is no harm in taking a few extra calories if you can work it out.


#2. Proteins are the Key

Proteins are the concrete that would build your muscles. Every muscle fiber in our body is just protein.

Even nails and hairs contain a significant amount of proteins. To ensure faster muscle building, one must take around 2-3 grams of protein per pound of their healthy weight.


#3. No Need to Rule Out The Carbohydrates  

Studies confirm that Carbohydrates are important as well important to incorporate your muscle building.

Carbs are the fuel to ignite the energy to take you through heavy lifting. Yes, carbs can create nuisance if the intake is higher than needed.


#4. Fats Too Play an Important Role

While people are running behind How to gain muscle mass fast. They often tend to rule out fats completely.

However, it is not a very smart decision in terms of big gains. Healthy fats play an important role in muscle building.

Eggs, nuts, avocados, coconut oil, and vegetable oils are good sources of healthy fats for muscle building.


#5. It’s not only about what to eat. You have to take care of what not to eat as well.

A single wrong meal has the potential to ruin your whole week’s strict diet. So, it’s important that you avoid such foods that might interfere with your Build & Gain Muscles Naturally.

If you want to keep yourself on track Build & Gain Muscles Naturally. Then you must avoid the following foods:

  • Added sugars
  • Processed foods
  • Alcohol
  • Sugary drinks

All these foods are high in calories and have very low nutritional content. It won’t help your purpose of how to gain muscle mass fast.

Also, there is another supplement which can give you higher muscle gains through PrimeGenix Testodren before and after Results.

Rather these foods will push you back in your journey towards a heavy muscle mass. Well! That’s enough about the diet part. The further section deals with various aspect of training.

Training in a proper way is really important for faster muscle gains at the gym.


Following are the ways How to achieve Big Gains at the Gym naturally:

Get down the list to know about the ways to get bigger muscles –


#1. Do Big and Fast Lifts

Lifting big will force your muscle fiber to push the boundaries. Big lifts increase your strength.

This increase in strength helps you to perform other exercises neatly as well. You don’t need to beat yourselves from the day one.

As a beginner, start slow. Start with a weight you can lift 20 times in a set. Slowly move on to the maximum weight you can do at least 3-4 reps with.

Lifting fast is important as well. It does not mean that you go through the reps like pulsating wave.

You have to keep the movements in moderation. Extra slow movements will delay the results. However, going through the reps more rapidly increases the risk of injury as well.

So keep your movements just fast enough that you don’t lose the form.


#2. Take a Break When You Are About to Wear-Out

Fast and heavy lifting wears-out the muscle fiber quickly. However, it also helps to build the large and strong muscle fiber.

Taking rest after short intervals becomes important to avoid fatigue and injuries.

It is better to cut out one or two reps rather than completing them with a distorted form.


#3. Work on the Bigger Muscles

People usually ignore the most important muscles while training for gains. Doing bicep-curls won’t get you a heavy muscle mass.

You need to target the bigger and prominent muscles including the chest, thighs, and calves. When you hit the bigger muscles, it stimulates high amount of testosterone release.  

Pull-ups, chin-ups, deadlifts, squats, and bench presses are some of the high testosterone releasing exercise.

All these heavyweight exercises help you to achieve big gains at the gym naturally.


#4. Perfect your Technique

Proper technique for every exercise is important to maximize the effects. Lapses in keeping the form and technique right may result in serious damages.

You must know the correct way of movement, pauses, and breathing patterns for every exercise before trying it.

You must feel the tension in the muscle you are targeting through an exercise.

For example, during bicep-curls, your biceps must be active throughout the movement.


#5. Quit Cardio for A While

Cardio is an amazing way to get a lean physique. It helps you strengthen your cardiovascular system.

However, cardio is not a recommendation if you want to gain heavy muscle mass.

You must rely on a balance of heavy workouts and rest days. Cardio won’t be a good fit in your muscle gain regime.

Having a strict workout routine is necessary to achieve big gains. You must follow all the above pointers about an ideal workout.

There are a few more things to add though.

Few more things to keep in mind about how to build muscles naturally:

  • Get a good amount of REM sleep
  • Give your body the chance to recover
  • Find a motivating partner
  • Keep mixing up your workouts

It is really important that you enjoy the workout time. Although it is a long process. But when you enjoy the journey, it becomes easier.

One more important factor in the process of faster muscle building is Testosterone.

Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth and strength. As the blog says earlier, there are exercises such as deadlifts and squats that helps the testosterone release.

However, these physical exercises sometimes are not enough to boost your T-levels adequately. For those cases, there are products available that boosts the testosterone naturally.

One such product is PrimeGENIX Stack. Let’s have a small intro of the product before we say bye.


How to Build Muscle Naturally with PrimeGENIX Stack?   

PrimeGENIX Stack is a set of two supplements that helps to elevate your testosterone levels.

An adequate amount of testosterone is necessary for faster muscle growth. The PrimeGENIX Stack is the Best Natural Testosterone Booster.

The two supplements in this stack are:

  • PrimeGENIX DIM3X
  • PrimeGENIX Testodren

Both these supplements are helpful in lifting testosterone levels naturally. However, it is not the only quality.

This stack is also helpful in:

  • Improving body composition
  • Accelerating fat loss
  • Curing sexual dysfunctions

PrimeGENIX Testodren Review suggests that it is successful in proving all the claims right. The PrimeGENIX DIM3X Review also adds up to the credibility of the stack.

The PrimeGENIX Stack is not only boosts up testosterone levels. It is also the Best Estrogen Metabolizer.



The content in the above blog gives a clear idea about Build & Gain Muscles Naturally. Sweating it out in the gym is not enough.

You need know what to eat to gain muscles. You must hire a trainer who knows how to build muscles naturally.

The exercises must be in proper form and speed. Additionally, you have to back up the exercises with a strict diet.

If low testosterone levels are coming in the way of your gains; then you can tackle it with the products like PrimeGENIX Stack.

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