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How to Become a Psychic for a Living

We all have uncertainties about life: about love, career, health, and the general state of the future. One place that we go to for help in navigating all of these questions is the medium. Those who have some connection to the spiritual realm can help to guide the rest of us to some important conclusions.

The popularity of this kind of help has certainly grown in recent times.

If you yourself feel as if you have some connection to life outside of life, you might be considering taking on this role yourself. Working as a medium or psychic can be rewarding and exciting work, after all.

However, you might not be certain how to become a psychic. What are the steps one needs to take to begin getting paid for this kind of work? Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics.

Practice Your Craft

If you want to do something for a living, you better get quite good at it! The first thing you’ll want to do in pursuing this career path is to practice your skills. You’ll also want to focus on one or more niches, as there are many different ways that mediums practice their craft.

What kind of work are you drawn towards? Perhaps you can commune with lost spirits, read palms, do tarot cards, predict the future, or see certain auras. You may decide to master only one of these skills or you could try to master many.

It might be possible to hone in on a few of these skills to strengthen your skills.

Practice makes perfect, after all. However, there are many ways to better your skills as well outside of general practice. You can watch information videos online or read books that are written on the subject in question (there are many!).

Get familiar with symbols associated with your craft. Do you know about things such as the butterfly meaning? The more you learn, the better service you’ll be able to provide.

Once you feel like you have a good grasp on various skills, you can begin to practice with friends and family who feel comfortable being your guinea pigs. Have them give you honest feedback on their experiences.

Decide On Your Image

You’ve put the work in, you’ve honed your skills, and you’re ready to start pursuing actual work as a medium. What do you need to do before getting your first few clients?

You’ll want to create an image for yourself. Many people, when working as a medium, try to heighten their identity to secure more work. Many people also decide to change their name to step into the role of someone else, someone with a great connection to the spiritual world.

This personal development will do more than just helping you to get into character, so to speak. It will also help you to better market your skills to an interested audience.

As a medium, you’ll be something of a small business owner, which means the burden of getting customers interested in your services will be on you. The more specific persona you have, the more you can interest people in the details of your persona.

You can even push and add details to your persona to interest people. Do you have a specific way of doing your work that makes you stand out from other physics? What about you is different? Making this part of your persona, and thus your marketing angle can certainly help in securing more work.

Running Your Own Business

Even if being a medium is not your average line of work, it’s still work. You’ll need to run your business just as anyone else would. That means registering with the state and paying taxes.

You’ll need to come up with an organized system to keep track of both your expenses and your income. This is one of the less fun sides of pursuing psychic careers.

Join an Agency

What’s one of the best ways to secure work as a medium? You can actually find work and secure it through agencies that hire a large number of mediums.

These agencies hire mediums who do work from home, most often, via video chats or over the phone. Often, these agencies hire on various job-posting websites ranging from Craigslist to more physic-specific outlets.

It can take some kind of work to get this position with an agency. You’ll likely need to apply first, which should lay out your past work experience as a medium.

Once you get past this initial phase, you’ll likely be asked to do an interview, typically over the phone. You might be required to pass a background check and you may need to pay for this check to take place.

There are pros and cons to obtaining work through an agency. On one hand, the independence and flexibility that you’ll be privy to will be far less than if you were working for yourself. You’ll have a boss that you’ll report to and you’ll need to do things in the manner they require.

At the same time, the stability an agency can provide can be helpful. You won’t have to spend your time hunting down psychic jobs and hustling to sell your own services. The work will be more or less brought to you.

How to Become a Psychic

If you’re determined to work in the spiritual field, you’ll need to get familiar with the ins and outs of how to become a psychic. It can be difficult work to get started in but once you have a good thing going it can be very fulfilling.

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