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How to Baby Proof Your House in 5 Steps?

There have been several reported cases of accidental injuries among infants. While some of these mishaps involve minor injuries, some were so fatal, leading to the victim’s death. Children are prone to domestic hazards because they are restless and highly inquisitive as they like to explore every nook and corner of the house.   Furthermore, they are too young to recognize a harmful substance or thing; therefore, parents need to try as much as possible to make the home safe and conducive for them.  

You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to baby-proof your home; you can achieve this by following a simple DIY process that is not money or energy demanding. So, if your baby is about to start moving around the house, you need to get rid of anything that can injure him or her.  To make your home safe for your young ones, follow the five steps below:  

  • Make Use of Cabinet Latches and Outlet Cover 

Another way to baby-proof your home is to cover electrical outlets and cabinet doors as they can be within your infant’s reach.  Bear in mind that babies sometimes get close to harmful things such as electrical sockets and extension boxes, among others.  As a parent, you can prevent your children from getting injured by buying cabinet latches and outlet covers.  

The outlet covers are cheap and easy to use as you can quickly plug it into the outlet and remove it anytime you want to connect to power. The use of plastic plug will make the whole house safe for your crawling baby.  

Furthermore, you can prevent your baby from getting into the cabinet by getting cabinet latches. These products are of different types; there are push-to-open latches, cabinet door straps, and magnetic release. You fix them in place through a peel and stick tape.  

You can also get a power strip cover to protect the little fingers of your curious baby from the power strips outlet. It also prevents the baby from pulling out the plugs.  


  • Corner Sharp Corners 

Sharp edges can cut the baby’s tender skin, leading to loss of blood. To avoid such an accident, check around your house for sharp corners that could injure your baby. Furthermore, these sharp corners can include center table edges, bed edges, fireplace hearth, etc. Try to search through all the nooks and corners of the house to locate these edges.

The next step is to look for a simple way to make these places safe for your kid.  For instance, you can remove the tables with sharp corners. Another option is to install peel and stick corner guards on the place.  You can also fix a foam material to the region.   


  • Keep Harmful Items Away 

Keeping anything that can be damaged or injure your baby out of reach is one of the simplest things you can do to prepare the house for your infant. It does not cost you money; all you need to do is move fragile and valuable things and dangerous items to a safe and secure place.  Some of these things include glass jars, chemicals, cleaning products, soaps, tools, and many others.  

Toddlers are always curious; they want to touch everything and put it into their mouths. Therefore, you must keep anything hazardous or injurious out of their reach.  

  • Make an Enclosed Play Area 

It is safe to allow your baby to play in a confined area.  Apart from limiting their movement, it enables you to keep an eye on them.  So, containment and baby gates are worthy investments when you are keen on keeping your toddler safe at home.  The contained play area will prevent your infants from going to places they should not.  

Look for a place that is easily accessible, safe, and not of sight; install baby gates and containment in this area.  Protect your toddler from the hard floor by adding rugs, play mat, or carpet to the surface.  

An enclosed play area will save you the stress of looking for them around the house. Playing in a confined space does not guarantee their safety; so, you need to keep a close eye on your toddler. 

  • Keep Firearm out of Reach 

 Children do not recognize weapons or any other things that might harm them; so, it is imperative to safely secure firearms or other weapons if you have them at home.  This step is vital because weapons are hazardous when handled carelessly. Accidents resulting from firearms and weapons can be devastating. 

As a firearm owner, it is your responsibility to keep your weapon in a place where it poses no threat or danger to anyone.  



Baby-proofing your house comes with several advantages; apart from being relatively cheap, it is simple to carry out. It has to do with simple steps that involve getting rid of things that could harm your baby.  

As a parent, the safety of your infant should be your top priority. So, you can get the house ready for your toddler by following the five simple steps outlined above.  

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