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You have bought a brand new corner sofa for your beautiful home and it is just to be able to use after the sofa assembly. If you are worried about the assembly of your sofa then you don’t need to worry. This is because here you will learn the complete process of assembling a sofa when you buy it brand new. However, you can also hire a sofa expert if you don’t have enough time to assemble a sofa.

Several sofa expert companies are offering the services of assembling the sofas online to their clients. You can visit their websites and ask them to assemble your sofa using the professional sofa experts. There is nothing difficult for them to assemble your sofa because they are specialized in sofa disassembly and assembly. No matter what kind of sofa you want to assemble they can assemble it easily and effectively. Whether you know how to assemble a sofa or not you are advised to get the sofa assembly through a professional sofa expert or sofa doctor. Because your sofa requires an effective assembly.

Process of assembling corner sofa

  • Assemble the base uprights
  • Fit the arm covers over the arms
  • Fit the cover over the back support boards
  • Insert the seat boards into the seat cushions
  • Add all the cushions onto the sofa and hang on

Assemble the base uprights:

The first step in the assembly of a corner sofa is to assemble the base upright. These base uprights stand vertically and you can slot them together without using any specific tool. Usually, the rectangular base of furniture requires the tools and equipment but the corner sofas don’t need it. You need to connect the back and front spacers with the struts to the middle of the sofa. It gives the basic shape to the sofa on which you can proceed with the other steps easily.

Fit the arm covers over the arms:

After fitting or assembling the base of the sofa you can fit the arm covers over the arms very carefully. The cover should be fitted properly because it may remain unfit and then get loose if you don’t fit properly. As a result, you may have to disassemble the sofa again to fit the arm cover again.

Fit the cover over the back support board:

When you get a brand new sofa from the sofa shop whether online or from the market you get all the parts and pieces of the sofa including the arms, legs, back support, cushions, and the cover of the sofa. In the next step, you need to fit or install the sofa cover over the back support board of the sofa. After the completion of this step, the sofa starts looking like a new usable sofa.

Insert the seat board onto the seat cushions:

The installation or fitting of the seat boards is very important because it is the base of the sofa seat where you use to sit. The cushion requires base support which is only possible if there is something like seat board is installed onto the seat cushions. If you are feeling trouble in doing this job then you can ask a professional sofa doctor that will come to your door-steps and provide an effective sofa assembly.

Add all the cushions onto the sofa and hang on:

When the complete sofa has assembled properly after inserting the seat boards then you can add all the cushions onto the sofa. Your sofa is ready to use however you want to use it. So hang on and party hard on your brand new corner sofa with your family and guests. Congratulations, you have assembled your sofa.

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