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How to apply UV gel nail polish at home

UV gel nail polish - application tips

When it comes to gel nail polish set ideas, you can literally do anything you want. The polish is available in a wide array of colors and by using sticker decals or detail brushes you can make your nails look exactly as you wish.

To get ideas you can begin by opening a Google browser and searching the terms “gel polish ideas”. Essentially what you will find is many pages with photos of different designs you can create using gel nail polish. For example, one of the first results for that search term is actually a Pinterest page that has many photos of some very pretty nail ideas.

Once you have found the gel polish ideas you are looking for, you can search for step-by-step directions on how to accomplish the design online. For example, you can create a French Manicure look, a solid color of any shade, lines, dots, tie-dye, multi-colors, camouflage, fading colors, American flag design or nearly anything else you can think of.

Here are a few basic tips to get you started

  • Combine different colours to produce new and unique colors by layering the colours over each other. Always cure each coat before applying a new coat over it. Colors with a shimmer layer are best used as a final coat as opposed to creme colour which can appear streaky.Bear in ming that using the same two colors in a different (opposite) order can lead to different results, sometimes both ways work well, sometimes not. Have fun experimenting.
    Be certain to completely cover the first coat of color with the second and or third coats to achieve a consistant result over the entire nail.

    Sheer, glittery colors make nice top-layers and can totally transform the look of a polish’s color. Nail Harmony’s Gelish has quite a few, like waterfield, champagne, bronzed and vegas nights etc.

  • Gel nail polish can also be mixed in small amounts in open containers without the risk of the mixture drying up. New colors can be created using colors you already own.A typical manicure requires about 10-12 full drops of gel nail polish depending on the length of your nails. Making up slightly more than this will also cover you if you have to re-do a nail. When possible, always create your mixes in small quantities before making enough for a full manicure. Use a contact lens case or a bit of foil for your new mixture and always use an orangewood stick or craft stick to sitr the mixture thoroughly before applying it to your nails.
  • Applying your polish mix is no different than applying ready made gel polish. The only difference is you’ll have to use your own brush and may need to apply 3 or 4 coats to achieve full coverage. The layers applied using a gel brush are thinner than those applied from a bottle brush. A size 6 oval or square gel brush is recommended.
  • Always store a custom-mixed color in something opaque so light cannot cure the gel.
  • You can apply regular nail polish over gel nail polish. Apply your base and top coats as usual, then paint your regular nail polish over it. The regular polish will last a lot longer without chipping, and can be changed before the gel base is due to be soaked off. Always use acetone free nail polish remover to take the regular polish off.
  • To clean up the smile line when doing a french manicure, use a small brush dipped in a little alcohol

What you need to remove UV gel nail polish at home

Now, let’s say you learned how the application works and it has been long enough for you to be ready for a change of color. You are more than likely wondering how to take the UV gel nail polish off at home. Well, we have compiled a list of directions you can follow below; the best part about our list is that your nails will not sustain damage in the process if you do it correctly.

First, here is a list of items you will need to remove the polish:

  • – Cotton Balls
  • – Aluminum Foil
  • – 100% Pure Acetone – or a branded gel polish remover
  • – A nail buffer
  • – A nail file
  • – An orangewood stick
  • – Cuticle oil which you should already have
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