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How to Analyze the Market to Compare and Buy Best Car Insurance in Dubai

If you are buying an insurance policy for your car for the first time, you should give time to analyze the market well before coming up with the purchase decision. For this,

Get Information about the Types of Insurance Policies Available

To compare and buy the best car insurance in Dubai, you have to collect information about the types and features of the car insurance policies available there.

Third-Party Car Insurance

Third-party type of car insurance policy gives coverage only to damages caused to the third party, along with its car and passengers in the case of any road accident by your vehicle. This is a compulsory and basic type of insurance policy available under automobile law in the UAE. Based on limited coverage, the policy is available at a low premium rate as compared to counterpart comprehensive policy.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

When you compare car insurance in Dubai, you will come across another type of insurance plan i.e. comprehensive car insurance policy. This type of policy gives protection to your car from damages caused due to theft or fire, while also makes payment to the third party in the case of your involvement in the accident.

A Comprehensive policy also makes the payment for your damaged, crashed or bumped car. If you own a new car and want the highest possible protection, you should look for the comprehensive type of coverage, as it may even give you add-on insurance-related coverage facilities.

Prepare a Checklist of Documents to Upload for Insurance

You should make sure to prepare a checklist of each of the mandatory documents to upload online to get a car insurance policy in Dubai. You only have to send images of the following mentioned documents-

  • Registration card
  • UAE driving license
  • Photocopy of your Emirates ID
  • If applicable, you should show the no claims certificate

Read and Understand Each Aspect Carefully

Whenever you go to compare and buy the best car insurance in Dubai, you should never forget reading the mentioned terms and conditions properly. This step lets you know the things, which remain covered and those excluded from your chosen plan. If you have any doubt, you should discuss with your insurance provider or the agent in advance before signing your deal with the vehicle insurance company.

Insurance in the Case of Used Cars

In most cases, insurance from any of the used cars is non-transferable. In this situation, if you purchase a used car, which has vehicle insurance, you have to check the right procedure to get coverage from it as the present owner of the respective car.

Collect Details Related to Add-on Covers

You should never forget collecting details related to add-on covers. These are agency repairs, the extension of car hire, off-road usage, and towing services and so on. Besides, you should check the territorial limits and age of your vehicle.

Avoid Over or Under Insure Your Vehicle

You should strictly avoid over or under insure your car or any other similar type of vehicle. This may result in a delay in processing your claim and dispute with your insurance provider.

Regular Renew of Policy is Compulsory

Similar to the case of buying an auto insurance policy in Dubai, renewing auto insurance policy is a compulsory step for every policyholder or vehicle owner in the city.

Always Save the Details of Your Insurance Policy

You should always save the important details about your car insurance policy, such as policy number, roadside assistance number and insurance claim number on your phone.

With the aforementioned considerations, you may easily get the best possible car insurance policy to safeguard yourself and your car for a lifetime.

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