How many tax Filers are in Pakistan?


The number of taxpayers in Pakistan increased by 700,000 over the year, according to figures from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). According to the FBR figures, All the people who file their tax forms increased by 700,000 completing two million.154. Of these, about 700,000 are paid people. The FBR has suggested proposals for a tax hike being considered – to bring small and medium-sized business owners into the tax network.

Last month, the govt. presented the theme of the plus Declaration, which has benefited thousands of people. the appearance of the name in ATL is very important in obtaining discounted rates for making money transactions. FBR sources have described the instrument of inventiveness and money-laundering techniques to create a huge increase in the variety of returning filers. The FBR has so far released about four million tax numbers and everyone with NTN number is required to file tax returns.

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