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How Long Can A Dealership Hold Your Car for Repair?

When it comes to car repairs, it surely can take time. Usually, because there is always something or the other that requires at least a few days to get done. After all, the longer the process, the longer the time spent waiting to get your car back. Especially if you are living in Baltimore and have spent numerous hours trying to get your car out or repair from the “best car dealership Baltimore MD”, then this read is just for you. Why? So that you can know all the basics that there are for you to know about how long can a car dealership hold your car for repair. And trust us, this guide will surely help each time you are in such a situation. After all, no car dealership is allowed to hold someone else’s vehicle without there being actual repair work involved.

The time required for car repair

When it comes to laws that are there for this particular purpose, it is clearly stated that dealerships should not take more time than the one committed when it comes to returning the car. This is crucial because car repairs are usually done on insurance, and that allows the vehicle to stay at the dealerships’ till needed, or for around 15 to 20 days because that is the general time frame for an individual to regain control of whatever that might be wrong in a vehicle.

Always get a follow-up

When it comes to getting your car repaired, there is one thing that you really need to do after you drop off your car at the dealership, and that is to maintain a follow-up with the people who are working on your car. It is very common for people in dealerships to get pretty busy with the amount of work that they have on their hands. So, it is very possible that they might have gotten busy with something or the other. Hence, it is important to always give them a call and get a follow-up on where your situation’s progress is. This will also make the workers get an idea about you wanting your car repair done early and will also give you the chance of knowing where your work is at.

Get an estimated time of completion

Once you drop off your car at your dealership, make sure that you get a warranty and insurance card with an estimated time stated on top by the management that says when you should pick your car up. This will help you to have some proof of a commitment that was made in the initial phases of the whole process and hence you can demand your car back accordingly with all the needed work is done. Also, it will be something that both parties would have agreed on and that makes it all much easier to understand.

In the end, you would want to know if your car dealership is taking more time than it should. Be it for reasons that involve the actual repair of your car, or just as a way of stalling the whole process, it is always a good idea to be prepared and take steps accordingly to ensure that you get your required work done as soon as you can. After all, giving your car up even for a day when it comes to the repairing can end up being quite daunting and can also act as a great hurdle in everyday life. And if your car dealership does not get the work done even while keeping your car in for way more time than what they are actually allowed, then you can always take legal action and sort the issue out through professional help.

Be it wanting to get a car collision repair in Baltimore MD or wanting a basic tire change, always make sure to get a stamped estimate of when you can take your vehicle back. Because trust us, you might end up needing that proof at one time or another.


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