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How Is Kangen Alkaline Water Different From Filtered RO Water?

Today, there are many varieties of alkaline water that people consume coming from different sources and having different compositions. Hence it becomes hard for people to decide which one to opt for to ensure their optimal health and functioning.

It is important to consider factors like health benefits and quality while choosing such solvents for consumption.

Many people today are confused between alkaline water and the water coming from conventional filters and RO systems. What exactly makes them different? And what are their pros and cons? If you are also pondering these questions, then do not worry anymore. Keep reading ahead to discover the answers to your questions:

How Kangen Alkaline Water Different From RO Filters?

Traditional water filters have become a very integral aspect of our day-to-day lifestyle today. There is a vast variety of such equipment possible that comes with different parts and working systems.

But the quality of the fluid produced by such machines depends upon how cheap or expensive a device you buy because they have different internal mechanisms. So, before buying, make sure to equip yourself with detailed research and information about the devices to know the quality and value they deliver.

As you might already know, the water coming from taps travels through a lot of metal pipes that come from different sources such as dams and mechanic plants. This damages the natural structure of the water and causes it to deviate from its natural properties.

Furthermore, the insides of these pipes do not usually have a proper filtration system. Hence, the fluid comes with numerous dust particles, sediments, industry chemical wastage and residue, lead, germs, and not to mention harmful disease-causing bacteria. This is what the filters have aimed to do to achieve quality as close to Kangen water.

But they have been unable to do so because their membranes do not have the necessary capability to separate such microorganisms at a proficient level. They might be able to remove bigger substances like sediments, dust, and sometimes lead. Most of the microorganisms remain inside water.

On top of that, with repeated usage, the membranes acquire a covering of impurities on them which can sometimes get carried away with the liquid while filtration continues. Also, they help breed microorganisms if they do not get changed on a regular basis. This increases the risk of causing harm to health.

Ro Systems Vs Kangen Alkaline Water

To overcome these problems that come with standard filters, scientists and researchers came up with RO machines based on the Reverse Osmosis principle, (hence the name). They are stronger and more efficient than traditional filters in removing the unpleasant substances and even the chemical residues that come from industry wastes!

The reverse osmosis principle works by using a better semi-permeable membrane that can separate the contaminants from the liquid which are even smaller in size. And to achieve this separation, the devices use hydraulic pressure and electricity, so that molecules can be easily purified.

But they too have a limitation. They work so well that they even remove the beneficial minerals and substances from the water, which makes it ultrapure solvent, comprising only of hydrogen and oxygen and nothing else!

As a result, when you consume that fluid, there is a high chance that it pulls away natural substances and minerals from your body into its own composition to regain its completeness. This creates many mineral deficiencies and leads to health disorders.

And regaining the lost minerals needs a completely different medical process for the body. Therefore, instead of hydrating and energizing your bodies, the solvent leaves you weakened.

Cons Of Using RO Water Purifier

Furthermore, as mentioned above, RO uses hydraulic pressure to push the cleaner water into the machinery and remove all the solids inside it outside. Due to this backward pressure, a lot of the fluid goes to waste. Researchers say that such machines generate at least 75% wastewater!

So technically, only 25% of the liquid is getting purified, and that too is not fit for general oral consumption due to being a little too pure. And on the other hand, a vast majority of the fluid goes down the drain. The water becomes unfit for consumption for normal people.

This might be the reason why we have so much water in the world but still, many living creatures struggle to get a quality supply of this solvent to drink for their proper health.
But as technologies advanced, researchers came up with better alternatives. And the most popular one today is the Kangen water machine in Noida.

What Makes Kangen Alkaline Water Different?

Kangen system is also known as an ionizer machine. They are vastly different from the normal filters and RO devices. This is because they have a completely unique principle with which they operate, called the electrolysis principle.

In the device, they have two separate metal plates that have opposite charges on them. And in between, they have a unique membrane that is capable of separating the microscopic ions.

So when the liquid from taps comes into the machine. The membrane sends only the solvent and keeps back all the substances that came inside it, including the acidic carbonates. Now, this fluid becomes free of all external influence due to the ionization process.

Then it gets carried to a separate container where the system externally puts the necessary minerals inside it, such as calcium, magnesium, copper, etc. Because of this, the fluid is not only pure and refined but also way healthier for consumption and different forms.

Benefits Of Using Kangen Water Machine

One X-factor such devices have is that they increase the solvent’s pH a little bit. Then it converts it into 8 instead of the neutral 7. This makes the liquid slightly alkaline in nature, which medical experts consider immensely healthy and beneficial for the system.

This is because alkaline water can help regulate and balance the body’s pH levels and restore the organ systems to their original basic nature. And this is what the name ‘Kangen’ signifies, going back to the roots, origins, and the source.

Because of this basic nature that it provides, all the organs get benefited from it, especially the digestive ones. Furthermore, it gives the bloodstream a conducive atmosphere to help its white blood cells (WBCs) grow, thrive, and become stronger.

As a consequence of this process, they become more effective in fighting external diseases, infections, and bacterial, viral, and fungal invasions. This strengthens immunity, which is really needed in today’s challenging times of the pandemic as well as the rising pollution levels.

This fluid, being basic, is also very effective in other domestic and industrial purposes, especially cleaning and desensitization. Its effectiveness is proven by the fact that people need less of this solvent to clean their dishes, kitchens, and workspaces, than the conventional tap fluids because of its cleaning strength.


Hence, you end up saving on a lot of this solvent as opposed to ROs and other related technologies. Furthermore, the machines needed for alkaline liquids do not need electricity or hydraulic pressure as compared to the RO technology. This adds up to your saving significantly!

In today’s times, it has become very important that we drink the right solvent and give our bodies the best quality of hydration that it actually deserves and not get influenced by external polluted and infected situations. Now is high time that we listen to our bodies and give them what it needs!

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