How getting Root Canal treatment is safe and can save a life of tooth ?

Root Canal Treatment, also known as Endodontics Treatment, is a dental procedure in which the diseased or damaged pulp (core) of a tooth is removed, and the inside areas (the pulp chamber and root canals) are filled and sealed.

Kindly Note
For single RCT with Crown
Total working time – 3 and half hours
appointments – 5
gap between two appointments – 3 days ( two times needed )
Total Days to complete task – 12 Days.

Kindly Note – For single RCT at dentist in kharadi pune with Crown we need total 3 and half hours job divided in several appointments planned within total 12 Days.


root canal treatment steps

( Appointment 1 ) – Day 1 – Endodontist Appointment – Time – 1 Hour

Step 1

Giving Anesthesia

Carefully Administration of Lignocaine
( L.A. / Local Anesthesia )
wait for least 5 to 10 mins so as to get numbness around working tooth

Step 2

RCO – Root Canal Opening

with help of high speed air roter make a small hole on tooth surface to get access to pulp chamber

Step 3

Finding Canal Orifices

with help of diagnostic K files try to find small canal holes at bottom of pulp chamber get access to canal in root of tooth

Step 4

BMP – Biomechanical Preparation

with help of diagnostic K files try to clean root canals

Step 5

Sterilization of Canal

Irrigate root canals with 5 % Sodium hypochlorite solution

Step 6

Obturation – Filling of root canals

fill in Gutta Percha Sticks made up of rubber n plastic inside prepared canal so as to get perfect seal at tip of roots

kindly Note – 3 Days mandatory gap for medication and pain relief.

( Appointment 2 ) – Day 5 – Time – 45 mins

Step 7

POR – Post Obturative Restoration

fill the prepared hole at top of tooth with a Composite restorative material Sometimes Post is Needed for better strength of tooth

( Appointment 3 ) – Day 6 – Time – 45 mins

Step 8

Crown Preparation

with help of high speed air rotor prepare ( 2 mm reduction ) crown walls and top of tooth

( Appointment 4 ) – Day 7 – Time – 30 mins

Step 9

Impressions of teeth

with help of rubber base material take out impressions of both arches

Step 10

Sending Impressions to Dental Labs

a third party who will help us to get Crowns ready for use
Usual 5 – 7 working days to manufacture a crown

kindly Note – 3 to 5 Days mandatory gap for Dental Lab Work ( Manufacturing & Delivery to Dental Clinic.

( Appointment 5 ) – Day 12 – Time – 30 mins

Step 11

Cementation of Crowns

Using a Luting cement Fix the delivered crowns on working Prepared tooth

Step 12

Finishing Touch

Using a bite paper check for high points on tooth surface — if any found reduce with burs so as to get perfect balance between upper and lower teeth arches

Pre-Operative  before visiting dental clinic in kharadi pune :-

1) Blood sugar, blood pressure & thyroid levels should be under control prior to surgery. (Consult physician for the same)

2) Start taking prescribed medications 2 days prior to the date of surgery or as instructed by the doctor.

3) Patients should have heavy breakfast or meal 1 hr prior to coming for surgery.

4) Patient should avoid all health hazardous habits (if any) like smoking, alcohol consumptions, tobacco chewing or use of mishri 48 hrs. Prior to surgery & 72 hrs past surgery.

5) Patient should be accompanied by close friend or relative on the day of surgery.

6) Kindly refrain from using any kind of make up or cosmetics on the day of surgery. It may lead to contamination.

7) Patient should be present in clinic premises 15-20 mins before the surgery timing to avoid anxiety.

all procedures will be carried out by maintaining all sterilization protocols at ar 32 as prescribed

Post-operative Do’s & Don’ts

1) Do not leave hospital premises immediately after root canal

2) Relax for 10-15 min and then patient can go home accompanied by family person or friend.

3) Avoid eating till the effect of anesthesia goes off completely as patient may end up biting lips, tongue or cheeks accidentally.

4) Patient may consume liquid diet till the effect of anesthesia goes off. Do not consume hot & spicy beverages.

5) Do not touch the operated site with fingers, tongue or by any other means.

6) Refrain from using straw, smoking, mouth rinsing, spitting saliva or blood, brushing, consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco consumption for next 24 hrs. It can lead to complications.

7) Once the effect of anesthesia is over, patient can start taking soft diet.

8) Do not eat hot / spicy / hard / fried / sticky food or beverages for 2-3 days

9) Patient should avoid all types of health hazardous habits like tobacco chewing / smoking / alcohol consumption for at least 4-5 days after surgery.

10) Patients are advised to complete the course of prescribed medicines.

11) Some bruising, swelling, slight pain & discomfort, tightness & stiffness to jaw & joint areas is common, In complicated surgeries reduced mouth opening is also prevalent.

12) Avoid exertion or over screenful activities. Try to take rest for 24 hrs. (Not bed rest).

13) Patients should visit for follow up after 3 days of surgery.

14) Call or visit doctor if patient suffers severe pain, swelling, bleeding, low blood pressure or palpitations.

15) Strictly refrain yourself from any kind of home remedies or superstitious remedies


1. How much time is needed for one tooth RCT ?

Usually it takes 3 to 4 appointments for single RCT by BDS graduates. they need total 2 to 4 Hrs of working time in separate appointments of half to 1 hr each. so you need to visit multiple times.

But Endodontist MDS post-graduates can perform Single sitting RCT. they need maximum 1 Hr working time that too in single visit.

Note – After RCT Crown Placement on tooth is mandatory in every case,
so time given above is excluding Crown preparation & placement.
( which further needs 4 appointments & 5 working days to manufacture your crown in dental labs )

2. How Endodontist can help you with Comfortable Painless RCT ?

Endodontist are MDS i.e. they are masters in that field,
they studied RCT for 3 more years than graduate dentist,
they are well trained to perform reliable + accurate RCT,
it is convenient & time saving as they are expert in doing single sitting root canal.
you will be needed to eat less antibiotic for less days (minimum 3 days), as you are getting treatment done in single visit.

3. How Rotary or Machine driven RCT is better than traditional Hand held file system ?

Rotary Machines are having three basic components –

A- Apex Locator – which works digitally to give us accurate reading that how far is root apex from top of the crown.

B – Rotary Handpiece with adjustable Torque – which rhythmically controls cleaning and shaping of complete root canals.

C – Rotary File system (e.g. Protaper Next, Heroshapers or gold plated files ) – which are made up of Titanium alloy base so are stronger yet more Flexible + offer less chances of file separation inside canals which was common with traditional K-files handheld system.

it is convenient & time saving as all three components together are expert in getting what we need for a best quality root canal treatment.

4. Why do many RCT fail ?

A – Most important is Choice of Dental Clinic ?
B – Choice of Doctor – Graduate or Post-graduate ?
C – Use of Advanced Technology ?
D – Justified Time given to the procedure ?
E – Patient Co-operation – having complete Medication on time to time basis ?
E – Medical Conditions – BP , Diabetes (Sugar), Thyroid, Blood Disorders etc
F – Post operative care – missed placement of crown after RCT, Eating Hard Food stuff, any kind of trauma on that tooth e.g. Fall from Vehicle or opening lid of bottle.

5. What will happen if I don’t put crown after RCT ?

Post operative care – Placement of Crown is mandatory after RCT, but many people fail to get it done as after RCT pain is relieved so practically their first priority to meet a dentist is pain & if it is solved then they think other steps are not required or they at least try to postpone them as late as possible,

which leads to further damage on tooth treated earlier as it becomes brittle due to lack of nutrition through blood supply, next step is your tooth will fracture in small small pieces and one day you may have to loose it due to ignorance.

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