How Effectively We Communicate with Employees Using Push Notifications


Effective employee communication and engagement are the key factors of success in a productive workplace. But, unfortunately, at large organizations it can be difficult  to communicate with thousands of employees effectively.

This begs the question – How can these organizations inform employees and connect with them effectively?

Although there are many ways a company chooses to communicate with their employees. While email and verbal communication have their own place at the company, these do not provide effective communication. Hence, with the advent of smartphones such as Android employees have employee apps. By using an employee app with push notifications, employers can get engaged with their employees effectively. 

If you are an employer and looking for tips on how to communicate with employees using push notifications then you are in the right place. 

What Are Push Notification And Why You Should Use it

Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear on the user’s Android. Brands use these notifications to promote their offerings to users.

Large organizations use android push notifications for providing important information to their employees. These notifications alert, help, and maximize the productivity of your employees and do not get lost in overflowing inboxes. So, you must use android push notifications as it increase the effectiveness of an employee communication app

How Effectively You Can Communicate With Employees Using Push Notifications

Here are certain tips you need to follow that will help you to interact with your entire workforce using push notifications:

  • Urgency Communications

There are certain circumstances when it is extremely important that employees know a piece of information quickly.  During the time of emergency is one of the best examples of this. So, when there is an emergency call, push notification is the fastest way to interact with employees as it tells employees where to go and what to do next. However, you can also use emails, but it won’t be as effective as push notifications are.

Thereby, push notification is the best way to inform employees about official issues, weather emergencies. It will not only save your time but also improves efficiency.

  • Organization Related Notifications

When you have to make an announcement in your company, it is very important that every employee is aware of it. At that moment, you can take the advantage of push notifications because push notifications are short messages that pop up on employees’ android and employee check notifications for sure. The red number badge reminds them to look into the notification whenever they get free time.

  • Upcoming Events Announcements

You will like this tip for sure. You can use push notifications to update your employees about the next office parties and team get together. By doing so, your employees would feel happy, and it will raise your employees’ enthusiasm to work efficiently. 

  • Deadline Reminders

Have you ever faced embarrassment when your client has not got his project completed on time? If you have faced such a situation, push notifications are for you. You can send targeted push notifications to your employees’ Android  to remind them of the deadline of a specific project. 

Definitely, it would help you to maintain your relationship with existing clients for a long time.

  • Improved Employee Scheduling

Using push notifications, you can make your employees aware of their schedules timely. It sounds good how immediately workers know of their schedule and shift change timings. 

You can even alert workers of their vacations approval and missed punch using android push notifications.

  • App Improvements

Make sure you update your app timely as if your app comes with regular updates, you can inform your employees about new features so that employees can use and get engaged with you.

  • Request For Feedback

A problem always arises when employees forget to fill feedback form because for companies, employees’ feedback is very important to know their experience. So, if you will communicate with your employees using push notifications then with repeated nudges via push notifications, it will be easy to remind your entire workforce to fill feedback form at a later time. 


Android Push notifications are a game changer and a successful  way to boost employees’ experience and engagement. Using push notifications correctly assists you to connect with your employees.So, WonderPush is the best platform when you can create push notifications and get engaged with your employees. Start creating push notifications with WonderPush.

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