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How Drug Addiction Affects Relationships

Drug addiction impacts all aspects of life, relationships notwithstanding. Addiction makes it difficult to have open communication, develop and maintain honest interactions, build trust and respect. Addiction affects all the crucial aspects required to establish a healthy relationship. When one is addicted to a substance, their lives revolve around getting and abusing the substance of choice. This often causes them to neglect personal and relationship responsibilities.

As a result, people around them may feel angry, hurt, or betrayed. If a person does not seek drug addiction treatment, the problem may cause devastating consequences on relationships. Read on to find how drug addiction affects relationships.

1. Lack of Commitment

A person addicted to drugs will divert money from the usual interests and investments to finance the newfound habit. Besides the economic part of it, they may fail to attend to hobbies, events, and moments, which all amount to a healthy relationship. The moment the illicit substances get into the system, an individual starts losing interest in other people.

Drugs often alter how individual perceive and processes their thoughts. Usually, the craving effect will keep pushing an addict to go for more drugs to feel better. This negatively affects the person’s relationship with spouses, children, extended family, or workmates. Eventually, it leads to feelings of mistrust, betrayal, and hate.

2. Break Relationships

Addiction often impacts a person’s behaviour which may be embarrassing or hurtful to their loved ones or associates. These people, in return, may distance themselves from the substance addict. If an associate or friend requests an end to the drugs and substance abuse, it might be the

end of that particular relationship. It may also serve as a wake-up call for the person to seek out assistance from a drug addiction treatment center and embark on a healing journey.

3. More Addiction Cases

Drug addiction can spread across social circles such as acquaintances, friends, and family. Individuals addicted to drugs and substance abuse may influence their spouse or friends to abuse the same. Genetically, children born by mothers with drug and substance abuse history will most likely use illicit drugs in their future.

4. Abuse

Did you know that physical, mental, and emotional abuse are common among families with a drug addict compared to those with sober partners? Drug addicts often pressure their partners and children for more money or cause unwarranted demands. If their needs are not fulfilled, they may engage in serious abusive behaviors including rape, causing fear, intimidation, neglect, and mockery.

Reach Out for Help Today

If you believe that your partner, family member, or friend has a drug and substance addiction problem, ask them politely without judging them or becoming confrontational. This will enable the users to explain their situation while maintaining some control and dignity.

Several available drug addiction recovery programs help lessen or heal various substance abuse problems effectively. These include consistent therapy, self-help meetings, group therapy, participating in community groups such as Narcotics/ Alcoholics Anonymous.

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