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How Does Diabetes Affect Kidneys

Kidneys Damage

How Does Diabetes Affect Kidneys

If you have diabetes, I am sure that you’re concerned about whether your diabetes will affect your kidneys or not. It may or may not that depends on how you are dealing with your diabetes. And your kidneys are not only damaged from diabetes. But there are a lot of other factors that also cause kidney damage.

Unfortunately guys a lot of people don’t know that they have kidney damage due to diabetes. And it happens in my practice all the time when I bring that up. Hey, you know your kidney function has been done for a while. So You must know the Normal Blood Sugar 30 Minutes After Eating.

There really and nobody told me and that’s because really nobody wants to bring that up. Because it creates a lot of questions a lot of confusion. And do you know doctors sometimes do not know what to tell the patient? Because it is hard to explain and Here I am I’m going to try to explain it to you right now.

So let’s go over how really diabetes affects your kidneys. Now initially because of the excess of glucose in your blood that creates the inflammation in your blood vessels make the kidneys get larger. So actually at the initial stages, we see that the kidneys are larger on ultrasound.

And we see that actually the filtration rates that help us to measure how much kidney function you have left actually go higher. So it’s actually Pradaxa chol because your kidney function seems to be better than normal.

we call it Supra physiologic and then the next thing you know is because of excessive blood flow and excessive inflammation taken over your kidney. And your kidneys will start to die and will shrink down. And then you have real chronic kidney disease that stage 3, stage 4 your kidneys will look really small.

Because of the excessive pressure, excessive inflammation in your kidneys will damage the arteries arterioles in your kidney slowly. Now that does not happen overnight. It is a long process. People do not understand that their diabetic kidney disease will
happen if they don’t control their diabetes starting from day first.

And that can happen in the 10 to 15 years after the diagnosis. If they’re not controlled if they control was in the first 10 to 15 years they have less to fear. Because the first 10 to 15 years is the most critical period and since it’s a long marathon people tend to postpone their diabetes care.

But if you do not do it today, if you do not control your diabetes today tomorrow may be too late to save your kidneys. Now uncontrolled diabetes generally brings uncontrolled high blood pressure and uncontrolled cholesterol as well.

So if you are just controlling your Blood Sugars. But you are not paying attention to getting your blood pressure at the
optimal level and getting your cholesterol levels at the optimal level. You will not be able to save your kidneys either.

So I have a lot of times have to educate patients a lot about this. Because they really did not comprehend how complicated the
situation is. It is not just blood sugars I tell them it’s like a tripod. If you do not control your high blood pressure and your high cholesterol even if you know you’re listing your two legs are controlled your blood pressure is controlled.

Your diabetes is controlled but your cholesterol is high that tripod is not going to stand. You will still have a problem. So I think like a gang with three members. So diabetes high blood pressure, high cholesterol as a result.

I always treat my patients holistically. For me, a holistic means treating as a whole treating. The whole entire thing that causes the problem. So diabetes high, blood pressure, and high cholesterol is a part of insulin resistance, is part of
the whole metabolic syndrome process.

As a result, we have to control all of them together. So we have to act early we have to act quickly. Diabetes has five stages. Most of the time doctors will tell them they have a problem when their stage three when their stage two. They don’t even mention
it because it stirs the water.

And patients panic about it and most of the time really what they need to do is not going to change your kidney function is not going to come back. If it is already down your job is to try to keep it at that level. So now we know How Does Diabetes Affect Kidneys

Source: Your Fitness Guides

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