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How do I start my graphic design career?

Graphic design is an excellent career for creative thinkers who enjoy art, communication, and technology. If you have an artistic flair, a graphic design career can offer you a fulfilling professional experience. A graphics designer is a creative, artistically talented, and trained professional proficient in using a variety of tools and computer software. Building a career in graphic design becomes more accessible with a qualification that can be gained by undergoing a dedicated course at any level. Graphic design courses are getting a lot of attention as the field is expanding, learning for various job roles.

BA Hons in graphic design is one of the most sought-after academic programmes among learners interested in building a career in graphic design. A graphic design career path typically starts with a relevant bachelor’s degree, such as a BA Hons in graphic design, that can allow you to break through the competitive field. This exciting degree program aims to foster new talents into commercial leaders within the commercially oriented graphic designing field. Therefore, the first step that you should take to start a graphic design career is to pursue a bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution that offers a mandatory work placement or capstone project module.

A graphic design career requires professionals to be highly skilled. Therefore prospective graphic designers must invest their time in developing the skills needed for a career as a graphic designer. Here’s a short list of graphic design skills to fetch you a decent job in the graphic designing industry:
Creativity: Graphic designing is visually telling a story, thus involving translating promotional messages through visually appealing images.

Photoshop and Image editing skills:

Today, graphic design professionals must proficiently use different design tools and software, such as Quark and Adobe. Additionally, to advance in a graphic design career, professionals must learn computer coding for UI/UX or website design roles.

Communication skills:

Communication is imperative for success in any career, especially as a graphic designer. These professionals regularly communicate with the clients to understand their design requirements and suggest changes that can lead to the desired output.
Typographical skills: Typographical skills are the intuitive sense of design while working with texts and fonts in your visuals. The most prominent typographical skills include logo creation and font, text and spacing, layout design, and storyboard creation.

Time Management skills:

A career in graphic designing also means juggling multiple projects simultaneously. Therefore, professionals must develop time management skills to meet all deadlines.
A well-designed graphic design course can help start a career within the fast-growing design industry. Moreover, pursuing a BA Hons in graphic design can provide a strong background that can open up doors within the creative industry. Here are some of the most popular and sought-after careers pursued after earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design:
• Product Developer
• Art Director
• UX Designer
• Multimedia Artist
• Production Artist
• Creative Director
• UI/UX Designer
• Graphic designer
Building a career in graphic design requires planning. Therefore, aspiring professionals must work on personal projects, build a portfolio, understand user experience, network with designers, and improve other transferable skills while earning a degree. However, earning a graphic design degree is imperative to building a graphic design, along with taking other necessary steps.

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