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How Do I Know Who Is To Blame for An Accident?

Many of us get involved in car accidents at some point in our life. Some of us are even fortunate enough to have avoided them for ages. No matter how carefully we drive. Other drivers let us have this lifetime experience. A car accident involves many things such as trauma, medical needs, injuries, health issues, insurance, car repairs, new cars, and a lot more.

Accidents have aftershocks as well in the form of stress, insurance claims, repairs, etc. One of the most stressful impacts of an accident is figuring out who to blame. Who was right, who was wrong, and what caused the incident to happen? You know that you didn’t do anything wrong. Sometimes you also know that it was the other person who made a mistake. But how do you prove it?

Well in most cases, you do not have to do anything. It’s either the police or the investigating agency (sometimes insurance company) that calculates and evaluates the cause of an accident.

Police are the ones responsible for determining the fault in car accidents. When they are called to the scene. They evaluate the incident and all its aspects to formalize a report. This report contains all information related to the accident and even details of both the drivers. The police talks to both the parties and hear their side of the story. They then search for witnesses and assess the damage done to each car. The police try to imagine and recreate the scenario based on both the stories and damages done to the vehicles. Sometimes, nearby cameras are also checked to view footage of the incident (if possible).

In most cases, the driver violating the traffic rules is held responsible. Even if a driver was issued a ticket for speeding, or crossing a red light recently, they will be blamed for the accident. However, it isn’t applicable everywhere. The damage made to the vehicles is also observed to access the speed of each driver. The impact of the accident may help decide who was fast.

Vehicles at the rear are supposed to be alert while driving and are likely to avoid accidents more easily. In case a vehicle hits another vehicle at the front. The blame will straight away be put over the driver of the rear vehicle.

To successfully managed road traffic accident claims you should immediately start collecting evidence as soon as the incident happens. Of course, you must be in a position to do that. In unfortunate cases, seek medical help at first. However, if everything seems possible. Try to record any comments from the other drivers. Take pictures of the incident immediately and report it to the police.

Insurance claims and police often look for the one who feels guilty about the incident. If anybody uses words like “sorry”, or “I couldn’t see you”, or “I was in a hurry” the blame is most likely to be put over them.

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