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How Can You Imporve Internet Speed of Your Phone?

Do you want to know how to improve internet speed of downloading and uploading? If you’re experiencing slow internet, read on. We’ll teach you how to boost the speed of your internet now.

If you’re thinking of starting your blog, a fast internet connection is essential. Without it, uploading files or downloading pictures to your blog, and creating new pages to read can take a long time. This could seriously impact the effectiveness of your website.

It is possible to alter some of the things in your computer, home, and even the router itself, to speed up your download speeds. You may be amazed at the speed increase you’ll be able to receive.

This article will show you 15 methods to boost your speed on the internet.

Let’s go!

How to Check Your Internet Speed Internet Speed

The first thing you’ll have to do is check your current speed on the internet. This will tell you whether you’re receiving a lower speed than what you ought to get.

It is as easy as visiting and running an exercise.

Here are the results:

A decent download speed is usually 10 Mbps per user. However, it is dependent on what you’re doing on the internet. If you’re simply browsing the internet or checking email then 10 Mbps is sufficient.

However when you’re gaming or streaming services, you’ll need to speed up your downloads for a smoother experience.

What do MBps and Mbps mean and What’s the Difference?

Okay, now, there’s some dull but vital information here. Megabytes are often used to refer to megabytes. they are referring to megaBITS. The reverse is also true. But, there’s the distinction.

MBps = megabytes

Mbps = megabits

If you go back on my test of speed earlier you’ll see that I’m getting 17.32 Mbps/second. To figure out the megabytes simply divide it by 8, that is 2.165 MBps.

In reality, 1 MB equals 1024KB (kilobytes) therefore if you are interested in knowing how quickly you’ll be download a film or song you must consider the MB or KB per second rate, as that’s usually the measurement they are made in.

If, for instance, you download 50 MB of data at 1 MB per second, it will take less than 50 seconds.

Did you get it?

Downloads Faster How to Speed up Your Internet

Let’s take a look at the ways can help you improve internet speed.

Be aware that some Internet companies boast massive speeds as a “potential” however, in actuality, you’ll not even come close to it. Call or email the internet company (ISP) and inquire what speeds are actually achievable in your region so you don’t waste a lot in trying to obtain speeds that aren’t achievable.

1.Test an alternative modem/router

The most common cause of slow internet is the bad modem. If you’re experiencing frequent interruptions in your internet and blame it on your ISP, first determine if the modem is suitable for the provider of your internet and the plan that you’re on.

The most efficient way to determine compatibility is to call your ISP They’ll send you the list that has compatible devices. If you lease an internet connection from your ISP it’s compatible with the internet service that you’ve purchased.

If you do decide to purchase your own device the manual and descriptions of your modem usually include a list of the service providers it has partnered with. Make sure you make sure you are aware of this prior to spending any amount of money.

One of the most fast and well-known modems is the Motorola MB7621.

In the product’s specifications You can find that this modem’s compatibility to Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Charter Spectrum, and more.

The modem you are using may be performing poorly due to wear and tear, damage dust or other damage. We suggest changing your modem every 3-4 years to boost the speed of your internet.

2.Turn your Modem Off and Back On

The next tip is usually probably the most powerful one. You can turn off your modem 1 minute, then turn it back on. It’s known as power cycling. It can eliminate a lot of issues that impact the speed.

If you’re brave enough, you could even modify your modem using a fresh password since this will usually reset your settings at the conclusion of the ISP and refresh your connections.

We suggest switching your modem off and back on every month. However, if you’re experiencing problems with your internet speed Try resetting your modem every throughout the day.

3.Scan for viruses

The next thing to check is that there isn’t a virus the cause of your internet slowing down. There are times when viruses reside in your PC and take resources from what you’re doing, thereby slowing your speed.

To check your computer for viruses, employ antivirus software such as Norton, McAfee, or TotalAV.

4.Check for any On-System Interference

Sometimes your virus scanner , or other programs may interfere with the speed of your internet. It can be very frustrating, however you can solve the issue by shutting down the programs one at a moment and after that, performing a speed test once more.

Please note that we aren’t accountable for any viruses or spyware you get while doing this. Always have antivirus protection.

5.Use a fast VPN

Many people use VPN services. VPN service due to the fact that it lets you secure your privacy, keep your confidential information safe, and avoid the censorship. Do you want access to country’s Netflix? Please sign me up!

However, many VPN services can slow the speed of your internet connection.

This is why you should select a VPN provider that has the bandwidth and infrastructure that can support more rapid connections.

Here are our suggestions for the most efficient VPNs:

1. IPVanish

IPVanish is among the most efficient VPN solutions available. With IPVanish, you are able to effectively protect the privacy of your internet usage and connect to content online from any location.

They’ve got a vast network that includes more than 40000 shared IPs and more than 750 VPN server in sixty countries. The IPVanish application can even recommend the most efficient servers to choose from.

IPVanish offers apps for all the popular desktop and mobile platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more. This is the best way to improve internet speed.


2. StrongVPN

StrongVPN offers powerful fast VPN services to more than 100,000 users. In actual fact, StrongVPN is the first commercial VPN service that offers WireGuard across all its platforms and apps.

WireGuard is widely regarded as more secure, and easy for users to install VPN solution. It also offers more speed than OpenVPN which improves performance and consumes less CPU and memory.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is yet another of the top VPN services. It gives you security online, a speedy connection, and has no limitations on bandwidth.

You have the option of choosing from over 5400 NordVPN servers in more than 59 countries. With the thousands of VPN servers, you’ll be able to make sure that your internet connection isn’t hampered.

Utilizing one NordVPN account, users are able to connect up to six devices simultaneously with different server locations and servers.

By using one of this VPN services, you will be able to ensure that your internet connection is secure and private while keeping the speed you enjoy.

6.Move The Route

When your internet router happens to be in the far part of your home an easy solution to increase your speed on the internet is changing the location of your router.

Move your router closer to your location to ensure that the wifi signal is able to reach you. For example, if you’re home office is situated on the upper floor, and your router is located on the lower floor, move the router to the exact degree.

7.Protect Your Wifi Network

If anyone else is able to connect to your wifi network, it will use the internet bandwidth and make it difficult to connect. Therefore, ensure that you establish password protection for your WiFi network.

Make sure you have a secure password to access your wifi. For an elaborate password, use Blog Tyrant’s no-cost Strong Password Generator.

Have you already created a strong password? Be sure changing your password on a regular basis particularly if you discover any suspicious or unfamiliar devices connected to your network. So protect your wifi to improve internet speed.

8.Connect via An Ethernet Cable

Wireless is great however, wireless connections are generally a bit more slow than a cabled one.

Take that ethernet cable from the box and plugging it directly into the modem, particularly when it’s for your desktop computer, and it doesn’t require you the cord to be moved around as often.

9.Check the Filter

If your internet is connected to an phone line with an actual telephone the next step is to ensure that you have high-quality filters set up in your connection.

These are tiny plugs that are connected to the phone line. They assist in removing any disturbances.

Here’s an example of one:

These also have to be different for various types of internet. If you are using Cable or ADSL2+,, be sure that you are using the correct filter.

10.Try getting rid from your Cordless Phone

There are some who disagree, however I’ve found that cell phones that are cordless cause slowdowns or interference with my internet connection even with filters. It’s worth performing an isolation test by taking out your phone and replacing them with a different one (borrow one from a friend’s) and then see if you can get better results.

If you’re looking for the latest phone device for your workplace read this article on the top corporate phone systems.

11.Shorten and replace cables

Cable length as well as their structure may affect speed. Consider replacing older phone cable, sockets and lines, and then use smaller and more modern ones. It can be a huge difference.

12.Check for Interference from Outside

I’m sure that many of you own you an iPhone, iPad, sound system, or at least some other digital device in your home network. Do I have it right?

If so you must examine whether the things you are looking at cause electromagnetic interference.

Try moving your speakers out of the way , and get any other devices that are electronic out of the internet connection. Use this way to improve internet speed of your phone.

13.Update Firmware as well as Software regularly

The router or modem you use comes with its own software, which must be updated regularly. You are able to log in with your computer following the instructions of your brand.

For example, for a NETGEAR modem, you go to where you can update and tweak your settings.

Also, you should consider upgrading your desktop version or operating system. since wireless settings often get less compatible with time.

14.Find Your Router’s/ISP’s Top Settings

When you login in to your router/modem (see 13.) you’ll find a myriad of settings related to channels and other settings.

Sometimes these settings aren’t in the optimal position in the first place and you’ll need to change them according to the type of device you’re using, etc.

You should check out your router and the ISP’s site for the most optimal settings.

15.Check for the Cabling and Run an Line Test

If none of these methods work, you need to call the Internet service provider as well as the company that sells your modem and ask to conduct a line test and an investigation.

It could be that an employee of the business will be delivered to your home which could result in an additional charge.

You may also uncover the source of the problem. For example, a person may discover it that your wiring in your roof have been completely chewed up and require replacement. This is almost impossible to determine without an investigation. So this was the final way to improve internet speed of your phone & laptop.

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