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How a Balloon Septoplasty Can Help a Problematic Septum

Septum abnormalities have been a problem for adults and children for generations. In small children, the problem can cause breathing problems and pain. In adults, it can turn into an inability to breathe right as well as a recurring number of sinus infections.

The septum is a type of cartilage blended with very thin bone. It provides the structure for the internal part of the nose. However, if this develops into an abnormality, it gets bent or damaged from an impact, or there is a gap in the septum, it will produce a related number of sinus cavity issues that are recurring. That in turn will create additional problems as well as the potential for infection too.

When first discovered in small children, patients went through a typical procedure known as a septoplasty. This provides a correction of the nasal condition, and the child’s sinus cavities heal correctly. Proper breathing is restored, and the child no longer suffers related symptoms.

A Better Solution for Adult Patients

For older patients and adults, a balloon sinuplasty can be the solution. This approach is doable as an office procedure and doesn’t need the full production of traditional surgery. Specific patient criteria need to be met, but if that is so, then the balloon septoplasty can be applied. This also has the added advantages of not needing to deal with the side effects of anesthesia, little post-treatment pain, no need for stuffing the nasal passages with swabs, and a significantly lower financial impact (which tends to make it far more amenable to many health coverage plans versus out of pocket costs).

How the Procedure Works

The balloon procedure for deviated septum conditions starts with a local pain-killing application to prepare the patient for treatment. This will usually last about twenty to thirty minutes prior to any actual work occurring. At this point, the catheter is then positioned so that the septum is moved to an ideal position as it inflates. The same steps are then applied to the other side of the nasal passages. In doing so, the septum is put back in place, and any obstructions found are removed at the same time. The results are immediately noticeable with improved breathing ability and flow.

Qualifying for a balloon septoplasty generally depends on what exactly is happening with a given patient’s septum. Some conditions cannot be properly treated with the balloon approach and require surgical repair. Others are ideal. A good example would be very serious nasal polyps; these cases are steered to surgical treatments versus a balloon septoplasty. The exact treatment for each situation is evaluated carefully before any procedure is applied.

Considering a Big Change for the Better

For those who have lived with a deviated septum or breathing problems, a balloon septoplasty can be a life-changing improvement. Better sleep, better rest, and easier breathing all have significant impacts on a patient’s health. And, for patients who are eligible, the approach can be a very easy, outpatient procedure, getting back to regular life very quickly with a very minor recovery period. If your peaceful rest and breathing are important, then a balloon septoplasty may very well be the right solution for you.

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