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Health and Fitness

Meditation Relaxation and Mindfulness

How to do Meditation



Meditation is a practice to calm your mind and spirit. Our life is as busy as our mind. Even once we sleep our minds always awaken and dealing as we’ve dreamed.

How can you calm your mind and negative thinking? Meditation can provide deep relaxation to our mind, body & soul.

It keeps calm & quiets our mind & releases all the anxiety and fears while leaving smoothly keep relax our mind also as spirit. For a couple of minutes of meditation, we will disconnect from the external environment and connect with our internal perceptions, our own mind & spirit.

There are numerous ways to meditate. you’ll choose the meditation techniques consistent with your requirements.

Meditation Techniques;


Buddhism defines numerous Techniques for meditation to develop ‘mindfulness’, ‘concentration’, super-mundane powers’, ‘tranquility’ & ‘insight’.

Mindfulness or Calm your mind involves leaving your mind empty just that specialize in your breath and stop thinking.

This meditation can develop your power of concentration and take away the distraction from your mind. It makes your mind concentrated, stable, and increases up to a better level of awareness with peace and clarity.

How to Meditate?


There are alternative ways of meditation like meditation in yoga postures, meditation is just sitting on a chair & walking meditations.

However, it’s not important that what meditation style you wish to try to but its more concerned with the extent of concentration you’ll perceive.

Here are some simple steps that any beginner can start an easy meditation practice to calm and relax your mind, body & spirit;

Steps for Meditation;


Yoga Meditation Mindfulness


When to Meditate?

  • Select an appropriate time like within the early morning or within the evenings or within the night or in late hours whenever you’re completely freed from distractions.
  • Attempt to meditate at an equivalent time and within the same place.

Where to Meditate?

  • Select an appropriate place for meditation. If you’ll attend a stream it’s far better because the sounds of water make your mind clear and smooth.
  • If you’ll attend a forest or a park then sit under a tree on a mat or on a stone attempt to keep taking note of the sounds of birds chirping and singing cause you to feel so sweet and wonderful.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t attend a stream, forest or maybe a park you’ll sit on a bench into your small garden ahead of your house or maybe you’ll sit during a quiet room into your house where nobody can disturb you and zip can distract your mind.

Postures for meditation;

  • Sit during a yoga posture or during a simply cross-legged posture or sit on a chair however you select to take a seat during a position which will be comfortable for you for quarter-hour.

Concentration for Meditation;

  • Don’t eat and drink anything except the water before meditation because it causes you to dizzy and lethargic while meditation you can’t keep continuing focusing or the extent of concentration decreased inevitably. But it’s not knowing to feel hungry and forcefully sit for meditation because your mind can’t focus anything but just only the food you would like. So attempt to get an empty stomach during meditation but not hungry!

Breathing Practise for Meditation;

  • It’s far better to require a couple of warm-ups before meditation sort of a simple walk for five to 10 min or a couple of yoga asanas or some aerobic push-ups whatever it is often but these warm-ups can increase your energy state & blood circulation and reduce restlessness & dizziness.
  • Take a couple of deep breaths. Inhale (take a breath inside) and Exhale (release a breath outside). When inhaling an attempt to keep your stomach inside & hold your breath as long as possible, for a minimum of three seconds and a maximum of three minutes. When exhale releasing your breath slowly and gently. Keep these breathing practices as long as possible for you while that specializes in your breath but not else.
  • After this breathing practice stays calm and relaxes while that specializes in your intentions for a couple of seconds that slowly open your eyes and get up. Now you’ve ended up with this meditation practice successfully.

Moods for Meditation;

  • It’s more encouraging your spirit to use a stunning sweet rhythm or music for meditation if you’re not at a stream or a forest attempt to listening some sounds of water or birds singing will make your mood more relaxing and soothing or a slow instrumental rhythm which may be easily available as meditation music within the market.

Candles & Incenses for Meditation;

  • Some people wish to burn incenses or scented colorful candles. It’s a gorgeous idea to place your mind in meditation with aromatherapy. Because these fragrances and therefore the energy of burning candles increase your energy state above else.

The Benefits of Meditation;


The benefits; Dr. Herbert Benson; Prof of Harvard University, author & cardiologist & founder of Mind /Body Medical Institute of Harvard University explained the effective treatments for stress releasing techniques in his book “The Relaxation Response”. Dr. Benson describes the scientific benefits of relaxation while explaining the regular practice of the relaxation response can be an effective treatment for stress and anxiety.

According to Dr. Benson’s Book: “The Relaxation Response”; These are some important methods to obtain relaxation response; ‘visualization’, ‘energy healing’, ‘breathing techniques’, ‘prayers’, ‘meditation’, ‘tai chi’, ‘qi gong’ and ‘yoga’.

According to his ‘Relaxation Response’ the relaxation techniques have simple benefits of meditation;

  • Lower blood pressure & improve blood circulation
  • Improve heart rate & respiration
  • Reduce Stress & anxiety & fears
  • Increase the feelings of self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Deep relaxation

Meditation According to Religious Perspectives;


Hinduism defines the purpose of meditation as to become well aware and highly raised consciousness mind. Too well aware of one’s own mind, body, and soul to get self-realization.

To connect with your own mind, thoughts, and your inner being. To Concentrate on one object/subject to get complete awareness of one’s self.

However the ultimate goal of Meditation is self-realization but it can remove fears & phobias, Reduce stress and anxiety & erase the negative thoughts & mental blockages.

According to Buddhism the goal of Meditation is to attain the state of “liberation of the soul”. To get a clear vision &get control over one’s own mind.

The main purpose is to get enlightened & awakened.

However, the fact is Meditation gives relaxation to the mind, body & soul, releases stress & anxiety, to achieve the highest level of consciousness & smooth clarity of mind & concentration. These are the absolute facts & the benefits of Meditation practices.

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