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Home automation and connected installation: Tips for how to do.


Arrive home with an ideal indoor temperature, control the shutters to open remotely, or let your oven choose the correct cooking method. Home automation creeps into all the rooms to make our lives easier. With a significant evolution in recent years, the offer is expanding, and the equipment with brands is eager to seduce better.

 Far from a tedious installation with a multiplication of wires, home automation today relies on connectable and connected devices for ease of use. Discover the advice of professionals to equip yourself and embark on the adventure of the connected home.


“The popularization of home automation has made, there is no need for technical notions to inaugurate,” affirms Aurélien Brunet of Attention to the curious and the envious to immerse themselves in the world of the connected interior, the course is easy to pass. The devices launched by the different brands strive to find everyday communication with multiple interfaces and many protocols. 

With the help of Guy Foare, project director at Bosch Électroménager, and Aurélien Brunet, founder and editor-in-chief of, browse the questions to ask before getting started, the mistakes to avoid and discover their precious tips for getting started with the connected home. 

The connected home

Without needing to be an expert, home automation makes everyday life easier. “Every morning, I open the window to ventilate the room but, in winter, I have to lower my heating during that time, gives, for example, Guy Foare of Bosch Appliances. With home automation, the thermostat cutdown automatically.” 

Having a connected home also avoids the repetition of unnecessary actions. The lighting is activated when entering the room. The watering when the children start to play in the garden, or the hood comes on automatically when the hobs heat up. Every day, inside and outside the house, having a connected interior avoids repeating automatic procedures. “Home automation is not only the possibility of controlling my house from my phone, recalls Aurélien Brunet. It is the chance to have a simple and transparent system that does certain things for me.” 


With three main areas of application, home automation is both fun and practical. The house’s safety and inhabitants, comfort, leisure, and energy-saving are the three main areas. Modify yourself, and the first step is to target your desires among these three fields of action. “The best is to draw up specifications by asking yourself what you need, specifies Aurélien Brunet. Once that recognized this, you wonder what the appropriate solution is.” 

 Implement an energy management system that continually monitors the current energy production of your home’s solar panels. Measure your entire home’s energy consumption, circuit by circuit, automatically with your home automation system. Automate your home’s lights to never be at full brightness. Set sprinklers and lawn systems to respond automatically to weather conditions (so you’re not watering the lawn on rainy days).

Are you equipping yourself with connected objects?

The first element to look at before starting: check the number of possible openings, a reassuring criterion even if it is not infallible. The editor-in-chief of explains: “It is essential to check the notion of openness, that is to say, the number of protocols managed by the box. Usually, it is possible to add d other technologies created by different brands and devices. The solution must be open or be able to open on several protocols at the start. ” 

Another critical point: the longevity of the brand. With many offers and emerging brands, sustainability is a crucial criterion. It is a sign of confidence. But it can ensure that you don’t need to switch to another system because the brand is running out of steam. With the desire to be reassured, a large community behind the brand is the pledge of being informed at any time without necessarily going through customer service with time constraints. 

What budget to get started in the connected home?

 Some solutions do everything and even beyond. Those represented all budgets, but the lower the price, the more necessary it put your hands in it and ease in doing it. If you got the time and the will to invest, some equipment is inexpensive. For a turnkey box, count around 300 euros. And for a package to build DIY style, it is possible to get by for less than 100 euros. ” 

Certain specific kits make it possible to embark on a targeted action. “Some diagrams are pre-established in the equipment, but it is quite possible to modify them to adapt them to their habits by creating personalized scenarios, explains Guy For. A security kit, for example, including a smoke detector, movement, openings, or a climate kit with the ability to change the temperature remotely for better thermal comfort. 

Home automation, what are the mistakes to avoid?

 By going to stores or browsing the Internet, all the necessary information is available. Just don’t rush into a compulsive purchase! Before getting started, it is advisable to carefully analyze your needs to find the answer that matches your expectations. Getty Images / I security is also essential. “The notion of cloud can be scary, but there are 100% local solutions with closed data”, reassures the creator of The post city

The connected home of tomorrow

One of the priorities for connected interiors is reducing energy consumption, which will evolve further to respond to ecological concerns and increasingly demanding construction legislation. “By collecting data and analyzing them, home automation makes it possible to manage the consumption of one’s home better, sums up Aurélien Brunet. A connected thermostat, for example, regulates temperatures. Some sensors allow the light turned off when the room is empty. Or put the television on standby when no one is watching it. ” 

Install a contact sensor in the mailbox. Receive a text alert when a garage door is left open. An automatic text alert for a problematic event, such as a pipe leak in the basement. Need to be reminded to take out the trash? Program a notification to appear on every touchscreen and mobile device at the same time once a week.

Instead of waiting up for teenagers to come home, automate your lights to turn on in your bedroom when they come through the front door. Get a text message or push notification when the kids get home from school. A notification when a motion has been detected in a specific room (such as your home office or the wine cellar). Receive email or text notification reminders when it’s time to take medication.

connected kitchen

The following new apartments will integrate all these advances. The consumer will not have to ask any questions; he will take advantage of many amenities to provide him with the best comfort and optimal security. 

He will have the possibility to have a connected kitchen. Where the refrigerator will offer the oven a simple recipe to make in the range. And when it closes its front door, the video surveillance will start. Even remotely. Everything becomes intuitive. 


Thanks to a booming market and intense competition, brands are constantly looking for ideas to simplify handling. “Wireless technology is disappearing, and protocols are becoming standardized,” confirms the expert at Bosch Appliances. Manufacturers adapt to demand by offering devices that communicate more and more with each other. 

In this perspective of simplicity, the box is a coveted solution. “It is an actual box as we know it today for television or the Internet. For example, and which manages complex scenarios, decrypts Aurélien Brunet. There is an emergence of boxes that rely on WiFi while linking connected objects together, thanks to assistants like Amazon or Google. ” 


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