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Himalayan salt cooking slab use and benefits

How to apply a Himalayan salt cooking slab

A Himalayan salt cooking slab is straightforward to apply, however you should maintain a few recommendations in mind.

Start with a dry Himalayan salt cooking slab . Make positive that your block is absolutely dry earlier than the usage of it, as any moisture can reason it to expand and crack at the same time as heating.

Heat it slowly. Heating your salt block too fast can cause it to crack. To prevent this, it’s pleasant to boom the oven temperature by no greater than 200℉ (93℃) every 15 minutes.
Preheat before using it inside the oven. Heating your block without delay inside the oven increases the hazard of cracking, so that you may want to preheat it on a grill or stovetop earlier than placing it in the oven.

Changes are normal. Heating can cause your salt block to develop small cracks and obviously change coloration over time. Try to usually prepare dinner at the identical side to keep cracks from worsening.

Handle a warm block with care. A salt block can attain very excessive temperatures and stay hot for numerous hours. Regular oven mitts won’t offer sufficient protection, so that you should recall the usage of excessive heat-resistant gloves or a carrying rack instead.

Don’t use fat. Butter and cooking oils aren’t important and will lessen the lifespan of your Himalayan salt cooking slab.

Don’t submerge your block in water. Water dissolves salt, so it’s quality to smooth your block with a humid sponge instead. Stubborn areas can be scrubbed with a scouring pad or soft brush.


Start with the aid of setting your dry salt block on a stovetop or outside grill, then slowly raise the temperature till you reach about 500℉ (260℃).

You can take a look at your block’s cooking temperature the usage of an infrared thermometer or through sprinkling a few drops of water atop it — in the event that they sizzle or straight away evaporate, your block is probable equipped for use.

To prepare dinner foods, truely place them immediately on your block. If needed, use a couple of silicone tongs or metal cooking utensils for flipping or turning the food.

Make sure to prep your meals into appropriately sized pieces. Items that cook speedy have a tendency to work excellent — because the longer food stays on the block, the saltier it’s possibly to get.

To use your Himalayan salt cooking slab on an electric stovetop, you’ll want to put in a unique metallic ring over the burner to maintain it in area. When the usage of a charcoal grill, save you your block from heating too quickly by way of stacking the coals to one aspect of the grill.


To prevent your Himalayan salt cooking slab from cracking in the oven, slowly preheat it on a grill or stovetop.
Add your cookies, pizza, scones, or other baked goods, then place it on a robust baking sheet at the center rack of your oven.
Bake as usual. The block will add a pleasant trace of saltiness to your food.

Serving cold foods
To use your Himalayan salt cooking slab as a chilly serving platter, refrigerate it for 2 hours earlier than use.
Then, arrange fruit, sushi, cheeses, veggies, frozen desserts, or any different cold foods straight away before serving.
To keep away from over-salting your foods, attempt limiting the surface vicinity that comes into contact along with your salt block through laying meals objects on their smaller sides.

Cleaning and storing
Allow your salt block to cool completely earlier than cleaning, then use a humid sponge or washcloth to wipe it clean, the use of only water — now not soap.
Tough spots can be scrubbed with a scouring pad or smooth brush. Water dissolves salt, so the much less water you use, the better.

Once clean, pat your block dry and set it on a drying rack. Allow it to dry completely earlier than storing it in a cool, dry place. If you live in a humid region, strive wrapping your block in a towel before placing it away.

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