Here’s How to Mix and Match Your Earrings

Here’s How to Mix and Match Your Earrings

Some days, you may choose to wear Percossi Papi’s celestial earrings, other days you may opt for a pair of Virgin Saint and Angels cross earrings, while others you may prefer to don floral earrings by Julie Cohn. This is just one of the many reasons why earrings are so magical – you can choose to put on any type, whether it be studs, hoops or chandeliers and use them as a way to top off your look, help communicate how you’re feeling that day, and show the world who you want them to see.

If you’re someone who is constantly changing up your style, trying new trends and looking for new ways to express how you’re feeling on any given day, then wearing mismatched earrings will be your new favorite trend. However, mismatching earrings can be a tricky thing to do and can quickly go from chic to tacky. Fortunately, the jewelry experts at Love My Swag are here to take the guesswork out of mismatching earrings, so you can express yourself, be on trend and never have to worry about looking tacky.

Choose Complimentary Colors to Keep Things Cohesive

In order to make the mismatched earring trend work, it’s important to keep colors consistent – and yes, this includes any stones that may be in the earrings, as well as the metal. For instance, if you fall in love with these Jeweled Ship Earrings from Percossi Papi and decide you have to have them in your life but you still want to get in on this mismatched earring trend, you can buy these and still mix and match! Because these earrings have garnet stones, blue topaz stones, and pearls in them, you just need to focus on one stone and use that as your other earring. Here are just a few of the different vibes you can create with this one set of earrings:

  • For an earthy look, opt for a garnet stone-studded hoop to compliment these
  • If you’re looking to achieve a beachy look, pair these earrings with a blue topaz stud
  • For a more classic style, try these with a pearl earring

As you can see, with just one pair of earrings, you can create (at least) three different types of looks!

Stick to Shapes That Have a Similar Theme

Many times with this mismatched earring trend, you will see a person flaunting earrings in two different shapes, and while this can work, it’s important to keep these shapes within the same theme. Take these Sun and Moon Earrings – although one earring is a sun and the other is a moon, this set works beautifully because they consist of two solar elements. Plus, their stones, while placed in different areas and in different ways, are similar, and therefore, create a cohesive and chic look.

Make Your Life Easier and Opt for Earrings That Have Been Mismatched By the Pros

Like any fashion trend, sometimes getting on board with it is easier after you’ve had some help from those who know what they’re doing. Cue: Percossi Papi’s mix and match earrings, which are designed so meticulously that they strike the perfect balance between trendy and tasteful. In fact, these Rhodolite and Amethyst Cross Earrings vary both in shape and in stone placement, but they are still unbelievably chic. Why? Because even though their shapes are different, they’re both religious symbols, and although their stones are located in different places, they are cohesive colors that have been placed in such a meticulous way that they create an effortlessly cool effect.

Now that you know how to mix and match your earrings, it’s time to shop the deep selection of unique boutique brands at! Whether you want to purchase a pair of mix and matched Percossi Papi earrings or you want to mix them up with earrings from another boutique brand, such as Erickson Beamon, Miriam Haskell, or Bounkit, you can find them all at Love My Swag. So shop, mix and match to your heart’s content, and if you need assistance or have any questions with your jewelry purchase, a Love My Swag jewelry expert is just a call or click away!

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