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Here Are the Good Pocket Knife Brands You Need (or Didn’t Know You Needed)

Here Are the Good Pocket Knife Brands You Need (or Didn’t Know You Needed)

Forget looking for the best pocket knife brands. There’s no way to tell what is and isn’t the best in an industry where quality is defined by use and not just by name. Don’t worry about finding the best one; there are plenty of good pocket knife brands, and here is a great place to start.

By the way, if you’re wondering where you can find all of these online, you can easily pick them up at White Mountain Knives. Learn a little more here and then get over to their store where you can get a new EDC blade for yourself. Their lifetime warranty is none too bad, either.

Buck – What more iconic knife maker is there than Buck Knives, which has been producing many American made knives since 1902. They are one of the only producers that makes a 420 HC stainless steel that is worth anything, and for that reason alone the quality products from Buck are worth their salt.

Gerber – Gerber, which has been operating out of Oregon for many years, is another one of those iconic knife designers. Makers of famous models like the Gator, LMF II and Strongarm, their folding knives for everyday carry are equally reputable.

Case – Case mostly producing ‘museum quality’ pocket knives, mostly slip joints with a few locking knives thrown in the mix. If you appreciate classic design, this is the folding knife maker for you.

Cold Steel – Cold Steel produces a lot of tactical knives, but their folding knives for EDC are insanely tough. They’re not made to win any beauty contests, but anyone who has ever handled a Cold Steel product knows there is quality in the mix.

Kershaw Knives – Kershaw makes a lot of popular assisted open folders like the Blur and is very well known and respected for its proprietary SpeedSafe technology and other features like their Composite Blade Technology.

Zero Tolerance – Zero Tolerance makes some of the best tactical folding knives on the market today. They command a price that is well worth what they provide, but if you are looking for a knife that will stand up to hard use in the heat of action, a ZT blade won’t fail you.

Spyderco – Best known for the humped backs and Spyderholes of its blaes, Spyderco knives are exemplary for the quality of their materials, particularly for the quality of their steels, as well as for their fit and finish.

Benchmade – Benchmade knives, many of which feature the sturdy, dependable, and easy to use axis lock, are some of the best pocket knives money can buy. Tough, high quality and dependable, a Benchmade EDC knife may very well be the last one you ever need.

Victorinox – Producers of the famous Swiss Army Knife, this brand makes plenty of tough pocket knives and multi tools for serious users. They are also affordable and lightweight, and can easily be stashed in a convenient location.

Is this a complete list of all of the good pocket knife brands that White Mountain Knives sells at Absolutely not; there are plenty more, so many more that we could never have succinctly summarized them in an article of this length. Whether you were looking for something from ESEE, Ontario Knife Company or another producer, that’s the place for you.

Rather, what you should do is familiarize yourself with the type of knife you are looking for as well as the features you desire and then visit their website before you pick out the knife that is right for you. There are tons there, and if things get overwhelming, you can get in touch with their team at

For more information about Zero Tolerance Pocket Knife and Leatherman Pocket Knife Please visit : White Mountain Knives, LLC.

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