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Helicopter Flight Over New York: Itineraries, Prices, Durations

Take a helicopter flight to New York for an exceptional experience! A flight that takes you over Manhattan and the famous spots of the city is a must to be done when you visit New York!

The experience of flying through New York by helicopter is an activity that is typically costly and time-consuming, however, when you fly over New York, everything is quite different. The first thing to note is that the cost for a helicopter flight within New York is not that excessive (between 160 EUR and 300 EUR dependent on the duration of the flight booked and the date of booking) and more than anything else an experience to be lived! It is a dream for many who want to fly through Manhattan along the surroundings that are New York will remain an unforgettable experience for all.

Fly-In A Helicopter Across New York: An Unforgettable Experience!

It’s not often that something of this nature has so many positive reviews since as you observe, the helicopter ride within New York is very short (between 15 to 30 minutes according to the route selected). The flight, however, seems to last much longer once it is on board. The chance to look out over New York from this angle is simply amazing. We’re far away from the views you get when you arrive by aircraft in JFK, La Guardia, or Newark airports. If you can afford for flying over New York in a helicopter take the plunge and enjoy it without hesitation. It will be a memorable experience and will be able to keep it in your memory for the rest of your life.

Helicopter Flight To New York: Which Route To Select?

When you book for your New York helicopter flight, you will be asked to select the route and duration:

Helicopter flights can be booked over New

Liberty Harbor Tower 15 mins From 183EUR

Big City Tower 20 mins From 256EUR

Grand Island Tower 30 mins From 349EUR

It is crucial to remember that the majority of prices include the airport tax of around $40. Some companies, however, do not offer the tax. When you click “See the offer”, then select the filters from the options to pick only the costs of flights with this tax included.

A helicopter ride above New York offers the best value-for-money. Includes an excursion called the Big City Tour (20 minutes). This allows you to view the most important monuments, including Yankee Stadium. For example, however, it also gives you an improved perspective of Manhattan.

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What Should You See During The Flight Of Your Helicopter Within NYC?

15 minutes flight ( highlighted in orange on Map): Statue of Liberty. Ellis Island and Governors Island and the 9/11 Memorial/Freedom tower as well as Battery Park. Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Times Square, Central Park, Intrepid

20 minutes flight ( in yellow ) The landmarks of the 15-minute route plus Harlem, Columbia University. Yankee Stadium, George Washington Bridge, and many other attractions…

30-minute flight ( in blue ) The landmarks along the 20-minute route plus the sandy beach at Coney Island, the amusement park that it is located in, Verrazano Narrows Bridge Staten Island, and the New Jersey Palisades.

What Is The Ideal Timing To Visit New York By Helicopter?

It is important to note that weather is an important aspect of postponing or holding the flight of a helicopter in NYC. If the weather conditions are pleasant then the flight is likely to be kept If it rains, it’s likely to be delayed. If you can reserve your helicopter flight well in advance It is recommended to plan it for the time of the start of your trip. So, you can take the flight on a different day of the week in case the weather conditions are not favorable on the day originally scheduled.

Choose to fly in the late evening (2-3 p.m.) to keep the sun out of your eyes. It will allow you to capture better pictures and view New York from its best viewpoint. With the sun shining overhead the city, the lighting is ideal.

How Can You Confirm Your Flight Via Phone, If You Don’t Know English?

In general, you’ll have to confirm your flight schedule at least one day before the flight. In reality, based on the weather conditions, the overflight needs to be confirmed by the operator of this helicopter. All information will be provided to you via email after your online booking. But, if you don’t know English well and aren’t sure what to ask them to do when calling to confirm your flight, what do you say?

Consider the following question “How would I do if it was in French?” ” Hello I am [First name[Last name] I’ve scheduled a helicopter flight for two people, which will take place scheduled for tomorrow at 1 pm. Are you able to confirm that the flight will occur according to weather conditions? >>

In English, it reads: “Hello, my name is [First name[Name]” and I have booked an air flight for two people on the morning of today at midnight. Do you know if the flight will occur according to weather conditions? It’s ok? >>

If everything goes as planned and everything goes well, the person on the other side of the phone will respond with “Yes It’s okay!” The best option is to write the following phrase in English on an article of paper so that you can be read over the phone if you’re not confident in English.

If you’re scared of not being able to understand the person Contact the reception of your hotel, and present them with your voucher. The person will be able to call them.

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What Do You Do In The Event Of Rain At The Time Of Departure?

When you reserve your helicopter flight to New York, you can select the date. But also the flight time you would like to take. It’s only when you contact the helicopter’s business (see above). To find out the time of your meeting for the helicopter flight above Manhattan. It’s also the time when she will inform you whether the weather is favorable or bad.

If it’s favorable for your day at the helm If so, then good. If the weather isn’t ideal then you’ll need to contact us 24 hours before your flight. On the other hand, the weather is not ideal (storm or rain. ) the helicopter service will provide you with a new appointment on the following day or later. Based on your availability and your time of yours. Helicopter companies operating flight services from New York are generally accommodating regarding this issue.

If you happen to visit New York during a week that has a bad weather forecast. It is important to know that the airlines will not pay for your flight but the refund is valid until one year. The only way companies can reimburse your ticket is if you’re located in New York during an exceptional weather condition, such as an extreme storm.

To avoid regret, it is recommended to schedule your helicopter flight. Towards the start of your stay within New York potentially have time to postpone. Your flight until another day during this week.

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