As a commemoration of World Heart Day, CIMSA collaborated with PERKI (Indonesian Association of Cardiovascular Specialists) to slot gacor initiate a search for talent or educational ambassadors from medical students in Indonesia to increase movement and efforts to promote and prevent heart and blood vessels from the regional level to the national level. The theme “Use Heart to Connect” is presented with the intention of understanding the importance of imparting knowledge, compassion, and influence from yourself, those closest to you, to the community so that you have the opportunity to live a heart-healthy life. The hope is that, even in the midst of a pandemic and ongoing health crisis, the Cardiology and Vascular Education Ambassadors can still encourage and maintain heart and blood vessel health for anyone and anywhere by utilizing digital advances.

The first stage was carried out by opening registration for Cardiac and Vascular Education Ambassadors for Indonesian medical students who are interested in health issues, especially cardiovascular problems. Each team consisting of two medical students from the same university (one female and one male) was asked to design a project for education, promotion and prevention of cardiovascular disease in Indonesia. The project design was then presented to the jury in the preliminary round for further selection as finalists.

The Grand Final was attended by five teams or pairs that passed the selection at the stage of preparing the plan of action to fight for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, 1st hope and 2nd hope. . Winners receive certificates and cash and become part of the Communication team of the Indonesian Association of Cardiovascular Specialists.

From 18 August to 28 October 2021, 21 teams participated in this program to find ambassadors for heart and blood vessel education until the final period. With that, it is hoped that this program will be able to form cadres of youth concerned with cardiovascular health in Indonesia to educate on efforts to promote and prevent cardiovascular disease, slot88 and invite the public to support educational and promotional activities related to cardiovascular disease prevention.

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