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Healthy Lifestyle Choices to Make For Weight Loss

Weight loss is usually associated with rigorous exercise routines and we think that exercise is a crucial part of reducing weight. It is no doubt that exercise is beneficial for your health, but it doesn’t really give results to help you manage weight if you are simultaneously not concentrating on your diet and lifestyle choices. According to a lot of research working out at the gym alone won’t help you cut down those extra kilos. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that 75% of being in shape is down to a healthy diet and just 25% is dependent on physical activity. 

There are three prominent ways that our bodies burn calories: during resting metabolism, during meal breakdowns, and during physical activity. But everybody’s body functions in a different way when they exercise; some people tend to feel more hungry while others tend to get more lethargic. So should you quit exercising? No! However, concentrating just on exercises won’t help you if you want to achieve your weight loss goals. 

Many people overlook the importance of a diet plan for weight loss. They fail to understand that if you consume more calories than you can expend or burn during the day, exercising won’t have much of an impact. Even the best workout routine might fail if you are eating too many calories. So it is important to switch to healthy lifestyle choices, which include both healthy diet meals and regular exercise, that will help you move toward your successful weight loss. 

Below we have compiled a list of the top healthy lifestyle choices that you can make to achieve your weight goals effortlessly. 

  • Eat Low-Carb Diet Plans 

To lose weight, one must consume fewer calories while avoiding foods high in carbs, such as bread, chips and sweets. Since there aren’t enough carbs in a low-carb diet, you need to supplement it with high-protein foods to get the energy you need. It can be difficult to prepare low-carb and high-protein meals on your own, which is why you should order your diet plan from India’s first ready-to-eat healthy diet food delivery service InstaDiet. 

InstaDiet offers a variety of ready-to-eat diet plans which are low in carbs and rich in proteins. All their portion-controlled and calorie-counted meals are prepared by top chefs with the advice of certified dieticians. Their dieticians will prepare a personalized 7 day diet plan for you after consulting about your BMI, allergies, preferences, and health goals. With InstaDiet, you will move faster toward achieving a healthier lifestyle. 

  • Get More Active 

You can burn a lot of calories by including regular fitness routines and workouts in your daily schedule. Dieting alone can not help you achieve your desired weight loss goals; you need to get more active as well. The ultimate secret to weight loss and weight management is combining regular exercise with a balanced diet plan. Getting more active will help you leverage a variety of positive health benefits and can support in burning off extra calories that are difficult to shed through diet alone. 

  • Walk More

You are not going to shred that extra fat if you spend most of your day sitting or laying down. Long periods of sitting are one of the primary contributors to obesity and other lifestyle diseases including diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems. Therefore, you should walk more and the advantages increase if you walk more frequently. You can always take out 15 minutes after meals to help you digest the food. Walking is also a fantastic way to strengthen your heart and build endurance while burning calories. 

Additionally, walking up and down stairs for a few minutes every day can burn a lot of calories. You should try to set a goal for yourself every day you have the choice between taking the stairs or the elevator. For starters, cover only 2 floors and gradually increase it to more. Walking up a set of stairs can also benefit you by strengthening your glutes and quads.  

  • Use Fitness Tracker 

Fitness trackers will help you keep track of your daily activity levels, including steps taken as well as calories burned, amount of sleep you receive, heart rate and other health metrics. Additionally, it will also help you to keep your weekly health targets in check. Many people are getting more conscious of their lifestyle choices and a fitness tracker is another step towards achieving your weight loss goals easily.

  • Stay Hydrated 

You should keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 3 litres, or 8 glasses, of water every day. Water also helps in enhancing your digestion and boosting your metabolism. According to studies, drinking more water also increases the number of calories you burn. So more water should be consumed by those people who lead a hectic lifestyle and want to reduce their weight. The easiest approach to make sure you’re well hydrated is to sip on the water before, during, and after an exercise, as well as whenever you’re feeling thirsty. 

  • Eat More Fibre  

Eating more fibre along with your low-carb diet meals can help boost your weight loss journey. Your body takes a longer period of time to digest fibres, keeping you feeling full for many hours. This not only keeps your weight and appetite in check but also keeps your gut healthy and functioning. To ensure sufficient fibre intake you should eat at least one fruit a day or a bowl of salad. 

  • Get Sufficient Sleep 

If you go to bed early and get sufficient sleep, you will feel more energised, refreshed and happier. According to research, even a short period of sleep deprivation can cause instant weight gain because making healthier lifestyle choices becomes more difficult if you are sleepy. When you’re tired and weary, you will often find yourself eating more junk food. Therefore, you should pay great attention to your bedtime routine as it will play a significant role in your weight loss journey. Find an activity you can fit into your schedule that you also enjoy at the same time. 

Simple bodyweight workouts like squats and push-ups may be done at home in a matter of minutes to add more metabolism-boosting muscle. But if you are also dealing with your hectic schedule, you can start by doing mini-workouts of 10-15 minutes every day. 

  • Exercise With A Friend 

You are more likely to continue with your routine when you exercise with a friend. Your exercises don’t necessarily have to be done face-to-face; we live in a digital world and the possibilities of sharing a workout routine with your friends are endless. You can connect with them virtually over a video call and exercise regularly for a fixed period of time. Moreover, you can also join virtual fitness communities or challenges curated specifically for weight loss to connect with others who have similar objectives. This way you not only get to spend more time with your buddy but also keep track of your weight goals. 

  • Enjoy Your Cheat Meals 

Treating yourself to a cheat meal while attempting to lose weight may sound illogical, but the reality is that denying oneself delicious food might actually result in overeating in the long run. Instead, you should divide your favourite food into one serving. Then eat it mindfully, which means that you should chew it slowly while taking your time with your cheat meal. Ask yourself if you want to take another bite or if you are content with what you just ate. This will help you eat more consciously and with more satisfaction while being more in tune with your body. 

  • Consume Healthy Snacks 

It is very common for people to get hunger pangs when they are following a healthy diet plan. But eating junk food in large quantities is not the only way to cure your hunger. Instead, you should switch to healthy snack options. If you are clueless about where to get tasty healthy snacks from then InstaDiet has got your back. Their bundle of delicious diet snacks include a wide range of flavours from peri peri to cream & onion, making snacking delightful for your taste buds and healthy for your body. 


At the end of the day, reducing weight is more about your lifestyle choices and the diet you take instead of working out for hours in the gym. Building a better lifestyle involves taking healthy choices every day. Instead of adopting an all-or-nothing strategy that almost always fails because it’s too difficult to follow, you should focus on just a few improvements at a time to start forming some good habits that give long-term positive results.  

If you feel burdened by diet planning, which is one of the most crucial aspects of weight reduction, then InstaDiet is here to be your health lifestyle buddy. InstaDiet provides ready-to-eat healthy diet plans which are low in carbs and high in protein. Their healthy diet plans will be customized after certified dietician consultation sessions according to your BMI, allergies, preferences, and health goals. 

So do not wait any further to walk the path which leads to your desired weight. Order from InstaDiet today and lose weight while eating what you love. 

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