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Health benefits of Vitamin-C

Health Benefits of Vitamin-C

Vitamin-c prevent Scurvy

It is a disease that can affect individuals who don’t get enough vitamin-C. Though it’s uncommon nowadays, scurvy can harm people who don’t get enough vitamin-C. Even when used in large numbers, the vitamin has few adverse effects.

Vitamin C has been utilised for this purpose for over 300 years. To prevent oneself from scurvy, sailors on lengthy voyages used to add lime juice in their meals.

You can avoid scurvy by taking 10 grammes of vitamin C each day.

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Toxic lead poisoning can be cured.

Low levels of vitamin-C in circulation are frequently link to high levels of lead in the body. In smokers, regular vitamin C administration was observed to lower blood lead levels.

Another study claims that vitamin-C can help those who are poisoned by lead. Vitamin C-rich meals are also safe and can help avoid lead poisoning. However, other research suggests that consuming vitamin C has little effect on lead poisoning.

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Vitamin-c defends Against Stroke

Eating foods high in vitamin-C can help prevent stroke, especially hemorrhagic stroke. Vitamin C helps to prevent strokes by lowering blood pressure. Low vitamin C levels have also been link to an increased risk of spontaneous brain haemorrhages.
Vitamin-C, in combination with iron, can reduce the risk of stroke. According to research, persons with high amounts of vitamin C in their blood have a 42 per cent lower risk of stroke.

Vitamin-c improves Your Mood

Vitamin C supplementation has been shown to enhance mood in hospitalize patients in studies. It has mood-lifting properties.
Supplementing with vitamin C has also been shown to decrease anxiety in students.

Aid in weight loss

Vitamin C promotes the oxidation of body fat during exercise, which aids in weight loss. As a result, a vitamin C shortage might stymie weight and fat reduction. Vitamin C boosts metabolism, which assists in weight reduction.

Increase your energy level

Vitamin C has been prove to assist you in breaking through pain barriers and reducing tiredness. Supplementing with vitamin C made school football players’ training 10 per cent easier and decreased tiredness by up to 55 per cent.
Vitamin C was found to considerably reduce work-related tiredness in healthy employees in another Korean investigation.
Supplementing with vitamin C has also been shown to increase physical activity in males with low vitamin C levels.

What Are The Skin Benefits?

Vitamin C has skin-beneficial properties as well. You may, for example, utilise vitamin C topically (like a serum) to get the advantages in addition to taking it orally. The serum boosts collagen production while also protecting the skin from environmental aggressors like pollution.

Heals Wounds And Burns

Vitamin C Improves Wound Healing And Reduces The Need For Ventilation In Patients With Severe Burns Preliminary data shows that vitamin C can enhance wound healing and reduce the need for ventilation in patients with severe burns. Vitamin C’s antioxidants also aid in the treatment of burns.

After a burn injury, a large dosage of vitamin C decreases capillary leakage. Vitamin C also aids in the healing of burns and wounds because it promotes the development of new tissue and skin.

Sunburn is treated using this product.

Vitamin C’s antioxidant qualities aid in collagen production and can help in the treatment of sunburn. Vitamin C supplementation or topical vitamin C oil application can assist in improving the disease. However, it’s crucial to remember that vitamin C should only be taken as a supplement to sunscreen, not as a replacement.
UVB-induced erythema was also observed to be reduced by vitamin C. (superficial reddening of the skin).

Helps With Eczema Treatment

A combination of vitamin C and zinc, taken 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin C and 15 mg of zinc every day, can function as a potential treatment for eczema.

Collagen production is aid by Vitamin-C

Vitamin C is essential for synthesising hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine, both of which are necessary for the binding of the molecules that make collagen. As a result, the skin is firmer and more toned. A lack of collagen causes the skin to become dull and lifeless. Collagen helps to renew the skin from the inside out, reducing wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Vitamin C helps to prevent skin discoloration

It protects DNA from photochemical reactions that can cause tumours, skin discolouration, and a variety of skin cancers. Vitamin c also prevents the formation of pyrimidine dimers, which are the main cause of human melanomas. It helps you get younger, smoother skin by lightening dark discolouration such as skin freckles and age spots.

Improves the texture of the skin

Collagen also gives structure to the blood vessels, which improves skin texture. Under the skin, small blood vessels transport oxygen and nutrients that keep the skin healthy. The skin will grow rough and dry if it does not receive enough nourishment. Vitamin C creams help to enhance the look and texture of the skin.

Vitamin C promotes the production of elastin, a protein that thickens, protects, and repairs skin cells. The thickening action helps to keep moisture in the skin, improve circulation, and plump up the skin’s surface.

What Are The Hair Benefits?

Vitamin C, it turns out, has benefits for your hair as well!

Hair Growth Booster

Vitamin C deficiency may be a contributing factor in various hair-related issues that influence our hair development. A vitamin C deficiency can cause dry hair and split ends. These circumstances are detrimental to hair development and finally result in hair loss.

Free radicals are generated naturally when our bodies convert food into glucose for energy generation. These free radicals harm our hair by causing it to become fragile, brittle, and thin, halting hair development. The antioxidant capabilities of vitamin C help to prevent the production of free radicals and their harmful effects on our bodies. Antioxidant defence against free radicals requires a sufficient quantity of Vitamin C in our diet.

Vitamin C supplementation results in healthy, strong, and thick hair.

Combats Dandruff

Fights Dandruff Dandruff and dry, flaky skin cause our hair follicles to get blocked. You can damage hair follicles, and hair growth might be stifled as a result. Vitamin C aids in the battle against germs on the scalp. It prevents dandruff, aids in removing follicular debris, and promotes the development of new hair. Because of its antiviral qualities, it also helps with dry and itchy scalps.

Prevents Hair Greying Before It Starts

Vitamin C not only helps to prevent early greying of hair, but it also helps to keep the natural colour of hair by avoiding premature ageing. However, the study is scarce in this area.
Aren’t the advantages tremendous? But what good are they if you don’t know where this vitamin comes from?

What Is The Best Way To Take Vitamin-C?

The easiest method to get enough vitamin C is to eat foods that are high in vitamins. This vitamin is found in most fruits and vegetables, so that you may have a typical fruit or vegetable salad without worry. Even a glass of juice or a smoothie can help.

If you don’t have time to make a salad for yourself, though, you might choose supplements. You can take a vitamin C supplement 2 to 3 times a day — with your meals – depending on the amount. You may also take it on an empty stomach, according to some studies, because vitamin C absorbs better that way. Consult your doctor or a nutritionist to determine the appropriate dose.

What we currently refer to as liposomal vitamin C is the product of continual medical innovation. Liposomal technology is employed to improve nutrient absorption. When combined with water, the phospholipids in liposomal vitamin C create liposomes in the stomach, which improves bioavailability over OTC supplements. These liposomes speed up the absorption process.
This, according to most experts, is the best form of vitamin C.

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