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Health and Fitness

Health benefits of swimming

Five major benefits of swimming for healthy living

Health benefits of swimming


  • Swimming is an exercise that burns multiple calories, is accessible on the joints, supports your weight, and increases your muscular strength and stamina. It also enhances cardiovascular health, cools you off and revives you in the summertime, and is one that you can do safely into adult age. In this article, I’ll review the benefits of swimming.

Five major benefits of swimming for healthy living

Swimming Reduces Stress

  • Running and stretching may not be your first preference when it comes to relaxing in the evening. But little do people realize that swimming provides more significant stress relief than your favorite TV program.
  • Aside from endorphins, swimming not only activates these wonderful mood-boosting hormones but also provides you with a chance to clear your mind and take your day’s view. Some hard-hitting gym addicts hate the calm the pool offers, but if you need a severe wind-down, swimming can benefit Know more.

Swimming Relieves Anxiety And Depression

  • For someone with a mental disorder, the stress-busting aspects of swimming often function at a deeper level. If you suffer from tension, swimming can help ease pent up anxiety/muscle pain and allow you to be attentive/worry-free as you exercise. However, the pools you swim in must be well warmed, as chilled water doesn’t have the same effect (around 78–80 degrees). What’s more, it’s the perfect exercise for those who are self-conscious about the way they look, as swimming tones sculpt and strengthens the whole body – leaving you looking great and feeling even better.

Swimming Speeds Up Recovery

  • Swimming can also help ease aches and pains as a low-impact exercise. If you’re suffering from a lousy spine or joint pain, swimming could be just the exercise you need to take the burden off. Its rehabilitating influence comes from the fact that it is not a weight-bearing workout; when you stretch and recover, the water provides strength. The idea of being tied to a treadmill sends shivers down your spine, renew your passion for swimming. Combined with a well-balanced diet, 4 x 40-minute swimming sessions a week can decrease excess weight. 
  • According to a report for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately a 70 kg person burns around 510 calories by swimming for an hour,” reports Livestrong, explaining that it’s still possible to blast fat at an extreme rate without running miles. Studies show swimmers can burn around 350 calories in 30 minutes, depending on the stroke, your weight, and your speed. Swimming powerfully enough to maintain your target heart rate for a half-hour or more, and eating a calorie-conscious diet that considers your activity level can help you achieve goals for a healthy weight.

swimming benefits

Swimming Protect your joints

  •  Because being in the water reduces a load of body weight on all joints, swimming is a great exercise choice if you are pregnant, overweight, or experiencing joint soreness or disease. Swimming can also be a useful exercise if you heal from specific injuries and grow your muscles and build stamina without stressing the joints. Some people with disease suggest they experience less joint pain and stiffness due to their swim habits. If you are fit, adding swimming to your fitness regimen will give your joints a break from workouts such as walking, jogging, biking, and cycling that are weight-bearing.

Increase your heart and lung health

  •  Like other aerobic exercises that use your heart and lungs, swimming occupies multiple muscle groups and increases the heart’s ability to pump blood throughout the body. Because your heart is a muscle, the bigger it becomes, the quicker it beats; and as the heart pumps more and breathing increases, the lungs become more muscular as it gives more oxygen to the blood and muscles.
  • In the pool, to get the best out of your time, your swim should not be complicated or straightforward. Swim for 20 minutes or more at a medium to strong pace to build and keep your heart rate at the goal. If you want to maintain your weight and improve your fitness, swim, or engage in another aerobic activity five times per week, keeping your target heart rate zone 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Since swimming is not impaired, it will continue for a lifetime. If you search the United States Masters Swimming Website for their swimming competition age categories, you can find a 90- to 104-year-old age category! And the fitness master, Jack La who died in 2011, was still swimming at age 93 every day for an hour.
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